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170: A mixed group of portraits by or after old master

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A mixed group of portraits by or after old masters,
including prints by or after after Rubens, Abraham Bloemaert, Cornelis Galle, Sadeler II, Van Dyck, Leonard Gaultier, and many others, with portraits of the artists Callot, Saftleven, de Jode I, Pontius, Elsheimer, and historical figures including the Dutch humanist Carolus Clusius by Martin Rota, the philosopher and doctor Franciscus de Padoanis Foroliviensis, the painter and publisher Joannes Meissens, Paulus de Castro, and many others, engravings, etchings, mezzotints, v.s., 16th to 18th century, all unframed (c.65).

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22% up to 300,000
12% above 300,001

Estimate £300 – £500
Starting Bid £260
live auction started on
Uk Auction
5:00 AM - Jul 12, 2012
Bloomsbury Auctions


Bloomsbury House
24 Maddox Street
Mayfair, London, W1 S1PP
United Kingdom

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