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Lot 1020

1020: Gebhard Duve, Silver Cutlery, ca. 1930

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197 pieces of the no 17700 series; for 12 persons with cabinet. 12 table-knives with steel blades,12 menu-forks, 12 soup spoons, 12 dessert-knives with steel blades, 12 dessert forks, 12 fish-knives, 12 fish-12 fruit forks, 11 ice-cream spoons, 12 pastry forks, 12 tea spoons, 12 mocha spoons, 29 serving pieces including 3 soup ladles, 2 sauce ladles, 1 pair of fish servers, 3 cake slices, 1 pastry knife, 1 pair of salad servers, 1 asparagus slice, 1 butter and 1 cheese knife, 3 different serving spoons, 2 two-tipped serving forks, 1 small knife with dented steel blade, 1 pair of poultry shears (chromium-plated blade), 1 pastry server, 1 pair of sugar tongs, 4 small serving forks of different size), 2 napkin rings. Executed by Franz Bahner, Dusseldorf. Silver, blades in stainless steel. Pieces marked: fabrication mark (miner's hammer with 'MS' (Mansfeld silver), 800, moon, crown. Cabinet-like case, veneered, with two doors with inlaid work, on curved legs, five drawers. H. 66.5 cm; 55 x 46.5 cm. Exhib. cat. Metallkunst, Bröhan-Museum Berlin, Berlin 1990, S. 10-11, Nr. 13 (dort irrtümlich mit Vornamen 'Gerhard'); Susanne Prinz, Besteck des 20. Jahrhunderts, München 1993, S. 66-7, Abb. oben.


Minor traces of use. cabinet with a few chips, veneer spty in some parts
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Estimate €7,200 – €8,640
Starting Bid €6,000
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8:00 AM - Apr 21, 2009
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Friedrichstrasse 1a
D-80801 Munchen
Munich, D-80801