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Chandler's International Auction and Estate Sales

Chandler's International Auction and Estate Sales

Chandler’s international auction & estate sales are a full service auction company exceeding expectations in the 21st century. We are an international technically savvy advanced company that utilizes the most hi-tech bidding platforms in the world. We offer services and expertise that can rarely be matched by our competitors. Chandler Eshleman is a twenty year veteran in the antique and arts world. Chandler has worked directly to the dealer trade and with private clients. He inherited the love of the business from his father who was a highly respected figure in the North American eastern antique trade for almost 30 years. Chandler has a real world understanding of true market value and applies his knowledge from the antique trade to the auction world. He can handle both personal property and real property. He holds licensure in both real estate and auctioning in most southern states as well as many other reciprocal states. Chandler currently helps facilitate and coordinate as a staff member the largest monthly antique show in the Northern hemisphere, The Scott Antique Market in Atlanta Ga. He also holds licensure and is affiliated with three other auction companies. Peachtree Bennett Galleries in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Golden Dragon Auction and East Asian Auction which are all promoted around the world. The Chinese based auctions are targeting the orient which holds a significant role in reclamation of centuries of exported treasures. He has networked for over twenty years as a dealer and a collector and has well heeled connections worldwide. Chandler has a broad based knowledge in every field in addition to a polished auction bid call style. Having a well networked, knowledgeable leader that understands not only the business but the items he himself is auctioning is what most other auction companies are lacking. We believe that an auctioneer that knows what he is auctioning is paramount. Chandler’s auctions and estate sales also believe that in addition to a strong leader, you need an even stronger staff. We offer qualified associates well educated at the most esteemed auctions around the world. We have team members that have previously been with such companies and Butterfields, Bonham’s, Sotheby’s New York, Sotheby’s London, and Christies Paris. Appraisers that are IRS certified and accepted to offer a tangible real world appraisal. We seek the finest people to join us on an adventure to discover the world’s treasures and bring those items to the worlds market.
1530 W. First Street
Winston Salem, NC 27104
United States
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