Sant'Agostino Casa d'Aste SRL

Sant'Agostino Casa d'Aste SRL

The St.Agostino auction house and art gallery has been established by Pier Carioggia in Turin in 1969, the address of the first location ( via S. Agostino 5 ) suggested to Piero the name to be given to the gallery. During 1977 then Pier Carioggia started his cooperation with Giorgio Circossa who pretty soon became a share holder of the company. The cooperation went on for more than 30 years until Giorgio unfortunately passed away in 2007. In 1963 the two friends moved the gallery from via S.Agostino to C. Siccardi n° 15 and in 1993 to the actual facility in C.Tassoni 56. It is worth to mention the exhibition which has been organized for the inauguration of the C. Siccardi location , named “the giants of 900”, which exhibited a large number of masterpieces of XIX century, among many others few De Chirico of 920 years, including “Les jeux terrible” of 1925, the famous “Risveglio dela bionda sirena” of Scipione, few Savinio and other works of Sironi, Morandi, De Pisis, Rosai, Campigli, Carra etc. Also for the opening of the C.Tassoni location, which was chosen to get enough room to have the auctions in house, S. Agostino organized the exhibition of the works of Bonzagni which was showing almost all the important paintings of the great master, who has been one of the subscriber of the first “futurism notice” The first auction in the new facility was the 44th and did take place in may 1993. As from than S. Agostino has growing constantly, selling more and more works of great interest like the extraordinary “ingegnere” of Sironi, sold for € 450.000, during the 84th auction of Nov, 17, 2003. Even if the core business of S. Agostino is always the works of 800, 900 and contemporary art, lately the auctions have included antique art, antique furniture, design, watches, jewels and silverware with a good success in term of sold lots as well as prices. During their 40 years of activity the S. Agostino has sold more than 40.000 pieces of art also because they guaranty authenticity of the works any time. Moreover S. Agostino is always a art gallery and as consequence they sell also privately and organize exhibitions like it was done for Mino Maccary, Sergio Unia, Friz Baumgartner, Claudio Nicoli, Mattia Moreni, Enzo Prestileo, Arturo Carmassi and Hermann Nitsc.

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New York, NY

Apr 28, 2022
Weird experiece
When I first won the auction, there was a great level of communication, I personally picked up the item myself in Italy from the USA. I let them know the date and time I would be arriving, and when I got there, they had no clue who I was or what I was coming to pick up. It's fine, miscommunications happen especially with a language barrier. Everything went well. It wasn't the best or friendliest service I've ever gotten after forking over quite a bit of money, again I was understanding of the unique situation and cultural differences. I asked if they had any other items for purchase and Paola said no, however many pieces in the showroom (that were also listed online) were available for purchase. I can only assume she didn't want to sell me anything else. After paying, I received a paper copy of the receipt, I emailed them a day later asking if I can also get an emailed copy for my bookkeeping and any hiccups during travel. This is where it got a little strange. Paola declined to send me a copy stating she had already given me one in person, my email was very simple and professional. I can't say the same for the other party. Personally, I didn't understand why it would be an issue to begin with. I sent my request for a copy a second time, stating I simply want a hard copy just in case there are any issues when I fly to the USA with the auction piece. Paola ignored my email, I waited then pushed a 3rd time and I then received a copy of the receipt with no other information besides the attachment. Was this professional? Not at all. This makes me very hesitant to purchase high-priced items from this auction house simply because of the lack of professionalism. Not sure if it was a biased action towards me or simply how they conduct business. If you're reading just be aware. The high action house premium reflects little to the quality of service. They have stunning pieces but I am disappointed by the employees that represent this house and the treatment I received.


Sep 07, 2016
The condition report i received did not include the fact the chair legs had metal braces attached to the legs due to problems and that there were very obvious signs and evidence of severe woodworm in the chair legs

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