The National Liberty Museum

The National Liberty Museum

The National Liberty Museum is located at 321 Chestnut Street in the heart of historic Philadelphia. It is the only museum in the country dedicated to advancing liberty by fostering civic engagement, grounded by a strong sense of character. Each year, approximately 70,000 visitors walk through the museum’s front steps and embark on an inspirational walk through freedom. They interact with incredible stories of heroes and an amazing collection of art which impart four primary themes that support the Museum’s mission. Appreciating Diversity The Museum makes the point that each person has a unique identity and perspective, and all people have the same inherent right to liberty. Resolving Conflicts Respectfully We recognize that people face conflict on a regular basis and can handle that conflict in a variety of ways. Some ways enhance liberty; other ways diminish it. The Museum teaches ways to resolve conflicts respectfully. . Balancing Rights with Responsibilities The responsible way to use one’s rights is by respecting the rights of others. The Museum encourages its visitors to balance their rights with responsibilities, so they help to create an environment where liberty is shared by all. Heroes of Liberty Even in free societies, there are situations where liberty is denied or restricted. People have the power to address these gaps in freedom and help assure that everyone has equal rights. The Museum displays the stories of hundreds of “Heroes of Liberty,†and encourages visitors to find their own place in this narrative. The Museum’s primary art form is glass art because it is an excellent metaphor for liberty. Like glass, liberty is enhanced by many forms, shapes and colors; it is strong and durable, yet fragile and breakable; and it allows people to see a reflection of themselves in the world around them. Additionally, glass art reminds us that the only way beautiful works can be created is when people have the freedom of self-expression. This unique approach to advancing liberty makes a visit to the National Liberty Museum a unique and exciting experience. We also have many programs especially tailored to educators who are now teaching the subject “liberty†in a whole new light.

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