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Borssen Antiques & Fine Art, LLC

Borssen Antiques & Fine Art, LLC

It all started in 1949 when Arne Borssen came to America from Sweden. He had an interest in antiques and fine art, and this passion was passed down to his children. His 2nd oldest child of 5, Bjorn, quickly took a liking to the antiques industry, and before he knew it, he was dabbling in the buying and selling of antiques while he was in high school in central Maine. Success quickly followed, and after graduating from high school, Bjorn decided to make the buying and selling of antiques and collectibles his full-time profession. Bjorn traveled the backroads of New England buying old furniture, paintings, glassware, and anything that had a uniqueness to it. Before he knew it, Bjorn was making connections in the mid-west, and began driving truckloads of New England antiques to his clients in Wisconsin. The quality of his merchandise quickly garnered a following in the mid-west, and Bjorn found himself making multiple trips per year in a large box truck to the mid-west. Once the merchandise was sold to his clientele, and the truck was empty, Bjorn would pick his way back to New England, stopping at antique shops, old houses, barns, and wherever he could buy quality items that he could bring back to New England to sell to his clients locally. Fast forward to 2004, and Bjorn had only had one career his entire life, and the antiques industry had provided everything on his child's back, his kitchen table, and whatever was in the refrigerator. He was realizing that the industry was changing though, and the merchandise that once was popular and sold through the auction circuit, was now not selling like it used to. Technology was taking hold of the industry, and he knew that he needed to have an online presence to expand his buyer base beyond New England and the mid-west. This is where he got his son, Lars, involved in the industry, as Bjorn was not incredibly tech-savvy, and his son was, as this is how children were raised in today's society. � Lars and Bjorn teamed up to start Borssen Antiques' Ebay store, and started selling their merchandise to the world through the wonder of technology. Ebay quickly took off for the Borssen's, and after 12 years of selling merchandise on Ebay, Borssen Antiques has over 1,000 reviews with a 100% satisfaction rating! Bjorn's eye for quality merchandise has proven to be a powerful tool on Ebay, and with the help of his son, he was able to bring the world to his garage, and offer them the quality antiques and collectibles that he has been selling to his limited clientele for over 4 decades. � Ebay has been great to Borssen Antiques, but with the evolution of the internet, there have been new avenues that have been established with a more professional and trustworthy approach. Enter LiveAuctioneers.com. With Bjorn's impressive inventory, and incredible rolodex of contacts in the northeast with an almost unlimited inventory, Bjorn and Lars decided to expand Borssen Antiques onto LiveAuctioneers.com. With the partnership with LiveAuctioneers.com, there has been a need for more inventory, and this is where Bjorn's immense rolodex of contacts within the antiques industry has proven to be extremely important. Borssen Antiques has now begun taking on consignments from Bjorn's contacts, as well as from other estates and individuals in the northeast. � Keep an eye out for many unique pieces being brought to market by Borssen Antiques in the future through their auctions. If you have any interest in consigning items with Borssen Antiques, then please click HERE. � After 48 years of doing business the "old fashioned" way, Borssen Antiques is now taking it's eye for quality antiques and collectibles, and bringing them to the masses! The world now has the ability to enjoy the impressive collection of inventory that only the northeast and mid-west United States has had the pleasure of purchasing over the years. Enjoy the fruits of our hard work, and our keen eye for quality within the antiques industry.

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