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Dec 05, 2017
Ritz auction house doesn't seem like a real auction house. They do not accept any form of secure payment for their items. i asked if i could pick up my item and they told me no, that they had to ship it and it wasn't even in their possession. they said they sent it to a framer and that it needed to ship directly from the framer. there was no mention of the item being framed in the listing. It didn't seem like a legitimate thing to do or say. All they wanted was my credit card information over the phone. The "owner" keeps texting me that he wants my credit card number and I won't give it to him over the phone and requested at least a PayPal account or VenMo account to send payment through. I couldn't find any info about this auction house in Florida and when i questioned about this he told me to look up the business and i still couldn't find anything. I was under the impression that all transactions go through Liveauctioneers website but i guess this isn't the case. I do not want the Degas that I "won" any longer because the Ritz auction seems more intent on getting my credit card number than they do on me picking up the art. They have my address already and i'd be a fool to provide them with my full credit card number, expiration date and CRV. That is not the way one should do business this day in age with all the scams, etc. This company raised a red flag with me.

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