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Duccio di Buoninsegna Maestri del Colore (Masters of Color Number 16 first edition: large format 16 color plates Text by Carli Enzo 1963 Fratelli Fabbri editors (Size 13.5 inches by 10.5 inches)


lithograph by artist Jean Smith (American, 20th-century). The image is a montage of four duck species, each labeled in pencil by hand. The print is signed in pencil by the artist to the lower right an


En tissu gris, imprimé Org.Todt. Incomplète, longueur 43 cm, traces de décoloration. A noter une certaine usure et patine de la pièce, ainsi que des traces de Patex au dos. In gray fabric,

7/8", no maker. Profile photo of him in tuxedo-like formal dress. He held the European Heavyweight title 1914-1922. In 1921, 80,000 people watched Dempsey take a 4th round victory by knock-out. Exc. R

2x3" card stock badge in plastic holder w/horizontal bar pin. Text along base "November 6, 1962 Beverly Hilton Hotel." Worn by a member of the press covering the election night event. After a close ra

2.25x3.25x6.25" tall made in Japan figure of JFK w/plaque on front of plinth "Well, Have The Painters Stop! - The White House Can't Be Chartreuse, Jackie." Pencil notation on bottom "July 1964." Scatt

1.25" w/spring pin. Moderate surface wear in reflected light most notably a less than .25" diagonal scratch just above center. Exc. Bold portrait w/excellent tonal range. Roosevelt's safari produced t

3.5". No maker. Text done in stencil style and includes "Our Champs." Features small but sharp portrait photos of 21 team members in Yankees uniforms. These were taken from studio head shots and some


HASEGAWA KANPEI XIV (TADAKIYO) (1847-1929) Actor Ichikawa Danjûrô IX as Yamanoue Gennaizaemon, with an actor from the past as Suzuka no Ôji Oban tata-e / Woodblock print From the series


HASEGAWA KANPEI XIV (TADAKIYO) (1847-1929) Actor Ichikawa Danjûrô IX as Narukami Shônin, with an actor from the past as Taema-hime Oban tata-e / Woodblock print From the series The Eigh


HASEGAWA KANPEI XIV (TADAKIYO) (1847-1929) Actor Ichikawa Danjûrô IX as Juteikô Kan'u Oban tata-e / Woodblock print From the series The Eighteen Great Kabuki Plays (Kabuki jûhachib


A PROBABLY KYOGEN THEATER MASK OF AN OLD MAN Japan, Taisho to Showa period A polychromed and lacquered wooden mask, with hairs to render the eyebrows and the mustaches. H: 21 cm - w: 16 cm


A DOCUMENTATION / GROUP OF NINE (9) BOOKS ON JAPANESE INRO AND NETSUKE 20th century, Various languages 1. Edwin C. Symmes Jr. Netsuke Japanese Life and Legend in Miniature. Tuttle Publishing: 1995. 2


*SHOZAN / MATSUYAMA 松山: A PAIR OF SIGNED IVORY 'KARASHISHI' KATABORI NETSUKES Japan, Tokyo, Meiji period Both pierced with two himotoshi and inscribed with an identical signature, i.e.


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