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95351: #351  Rare Peltier NLR Black & Blue 19/32" 9.7
95165: #165  Genuine Sterling 1932 Marble Tourn Medal95356: #356  Christensen Exotic 19/32" 9.9
Shelton, CT, United States
DoneSat, Oct 14, 2006 1:00 PM UTC


On October 14 in Shelton, Connecticut, Lloyd Ralston Gallery in association with Block’s Marble Auctions will be auctioning off a great collection of Vintage & Collectible Marbles. There will be hundreds of marbles produced from 1880’s Germany to 1950’s America including Sulphides; Swirls of all styles; Onionskins, Corkscrews, Benningtons, Clambroths and Lutzes, handcut Agate marbles, Micas and more. Other highlights are marbles from companies such as Christensen Agate, Akro Agate, Peltier Glass, Vitro and Marble King. Also being sold will be beautiful contemporary marbles by such artists as Tom Thornburgh, Fred Wilganowski, Scott Patrick, Nadine McDonald and more. There are a number of original marble packages, games, pouches, books and catalogs.