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Large Landscape Painting by Zhang Daqian
Painting of an Opera by Guan Liang (1900-1986)Landscape Handscroll by Pu Hua (1832-1911)
Ashburn, VA, United States
DoneSep 18, 2017 2:00 PM UTC

Fine Asian Art & Antiques Day 2

Our Fall Asian Art & Antiques 2-day auction features works of art and antiques from Japan, Nepal, Tibet, and China that span the Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty, Republic Period, Cultural Revolution, and modern day. Day 2 features edicts, books, official documents, photographs including two by Lian Jingshan, and calligraphies and paintings from notable artists such as: Yu Youren, Huang Junbi, Pu Hua, Wang Yachen, Cheng Dingshan, Fang Guo Xiang, and more.