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DoneJan 26, 2018 12:40 PM EST
Marietta, GA, United States
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As our new year begins on January 1st in our culture, we are aware that the year of the Earth dog begins On February 16th 2018. We combine our celebrations of new years by creating an auction that will promote the sale of items that have a significant meaning for the Earth Dog.This year denotes the 4,715 Chinese Year. The Male Earth Dog is connected to the mountains which provides us with the beautiful Jade. Dog month is connected to the last month of autumn. Touching the truly exquisite jade items you feel the coolness of the jade on your hands, looking at the opaque nature you sense the feeling of a calmness that this brings into your life. This is the stone that is said to bring wisdom and immortality to those who possess it. The common belief in Feng shui is that placing these pieces of Jade strategically throughout your home or business creates a harmony and balance with the surrounding environment. 18/19TH C VERY FINE PIXUE CARVED TIANHUANG SEAL IN BOX PROVENANCE:From New York Estate Sales and Auctions Near The Hudson, 1928. EXTRAORDINARY 16/17TH C MING DYNASTY WUCAI DOUBLE GOURD WALL VASE PROVENANCE:From The Private Collections of Jean-Pierre Bradley. This special group of items were bought from an estate sale, the consignors were told that these items came from the first wife (pictured) of Jean-Pierre Bradley. Born in France and left in 1936 to become a long time resident from Georgia.Throughout his life he had the opportunity to travel extensively . His travels led him to many foreign countries where he would buy treasures for his beloved wife. A unique item from the first day auction is the dining table, chairs and backbar that is from the estate of Alejandro Pena it is custom made , hand painted and magnificent. Alejandro Pena was one of the best relief pitchers in baseball. Join us as we celebrate the start of a new year, we wish for everyone a year of good health and good fortune.
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