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An outstanding silver and jade mounted double dao
A very scarce second type Jarre pistolA very rare St. George 1881/09 model bravery sabre
5 Days LeftMar 24, 2018 8:00 AM UTC

Fine and Rare Antique Arms & Armour

FEATURING: Eng. Giancarlo Moro's collection of rare target firearms | A rare collection of edged weapons of the Russian Empire, with rare bravery arms and a selection of high quality kindjals | A large collection of pole arms | An exceptional Chinese silver ceremonial double dao with stones and carved jade | A very rare Greek flintlock gun with chiselled barrel and silver stock | A series of beautiful silver yatagans from Turkey and the Balkans | An elegant tanto by Gassan Sadakazu, dated 1867 | A variety of 30 pairs of flintlock pistols | Rare military helmets, including a fully equipped Prussian officer's czapka from the I Ulani Guard Regiment | An officer's set of helmet and cuirass, of the Chevalier Guards Regiment or Life Guard Cuirassier Tsar Regiment | An exceptional Do-Maru armor with archaic kabuto | A very rare 16th Century coin cabinet and a large selection of Oriental arms, military edged arms, civilian and hunting arms, military and civilian firearms. 1031 lots presented Printed Catalogue available on request.
A percussion revolver
A Tranter percussion revolver
A cased Tranter percussion revolver
A cased Adams percussion revolver
A cased percussion revolver
A pin fire revolver
A Lefaucheux pin fire revolver
A rare 12 shot pin-fire revolver
€3001 Bid
A percussion pepperbox revolver
€2001 Bid
A percussion pepperbox revolver
A pin fire pepperbox revolver
A Starr Percussion Carbine
A Smith Carbine
A Gallager percussion Carbine
Paterson Colt Model 1839 Carbine
Winchester Model 1873
Winchester mod. 1873
€1,2001 Bid
A 1866 model Winchester
A 1866 model Winchester rifle
Winchester Model 1866 Carbine