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Self Portrait of Clarence H. White with his Camera.
Hands. By  Germaine Krull. C1925.Hungarian Nude by Angelo, Budapest
Indio, CA, United States
3 Days LeftMar 24, 2018 5:00 PM UTC

Photogravures & variants 1900 - 1932.

Photogravures from $25 - $75 starting prices with no reserves. Many by famous photographers; Rud. Eickemeyer Jr., Franz Goerke, E. O. Hoppe, Germaine Krull, Stanislaus Walery, G. L. Arlaud, Alfred Stieglitz, Eduard Steichen and many more. Photogravures and variants are photo-mechanical images produced from the originals at the time. There are nudes, so if this offends you, do not view the auction.