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Alexander III (336-323 B.C.), AV Quarter Stater, Circa
Carol II, 100 Lei 1940, GOLD, BucurestiJoÃo V, 12800 Reis 1733-M 12800 Reis, Gold
Lausanne, Switzerland
Fri, Apr 6, 2018 7:30 AM UTC

Eastern Auctions, All lots Start at 1 Euro

Part 1: Coins and Medals, Over 2500 Lots, Special Collection of Ancient Greek and Roman Silver and Bronze Coins, Vatican Gold Coins and Romanian Kingdom and National Bank Gold Issues, Medals and banknotes.
Gela AR Litra (0,48 g), 430-425 BC
€51 Bid
Gela. AR Litra (0.42 g), 430
€51 Bid