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Dr. R. Gold American & Tribal Art Collection

Ron Rhoads Presents: The Dr. Reginald Gold AMERICAN & TRIBAL ART COLLECTION AT AUCTION SUNDAY NOVEMBER 14, 2004 10:00 A.M. KIMBERTON FAIRGROUNDS KIMBERTON PA. PREVIEW: Saturday, November 13, 2004 11:00A.M. to 4:00 P.M. DIRECTIONS: From PA Turnpike New Exit 312 ( Former 23 ), to Route 100 South 1/2 mile to Route 113 North 6 miles to KIMBERTON. Fairgrounds on the left. Dr. Reginald R. Gold assembled his collection meticulously over a period of 50 years, and has decided to deaccession his “Personal Museum”. Dr. Gold’s keen eye for beauty is revealed in his commitment to and patronage of the world of art. His life has been rich and his accomplishments many. Now, he feels it is time to pass along his stewardship to others equally passionate about art. The scope of his astonishing collection is world wide, but the focus is Southwestern United States and American as well as European Works centered around 19th & 20th C. Impressionism. AMERICAN ART : George Luks, Maurice Braun, Edward Willis Redfield, Granville Redmond, Walter Emerson Baum, Frank Reid Whiteside, Edgar Alwyn Payne, Edouard Cortes, Ferdinand Kaufman, Clyde Aspevig, George Truland, Franz Arthur Bischoff, Antiono Martino, Emile Gruppe, Harold Speed, George Agnew Reid, Richard Langtry Partington, John C. Traynor, Alex Matthew Podchernikoff, Paul Grim, George Gardner Symons, Yarnall Abbott, Henretta Dunn Mears, Laura D. S. Ladd, Joseph Stahley, Roy C. Kneeland, Jean Mannheim, Renaldo Cuneo, Geroge Truland, Winfield Scott Clime, Catherine White Newhall, J Woodley Gosling, Harold Speed, Nicola Simbari, George Matthew Bruestle, Ralph Davidson Miller, Wes Newton, Howard Behrens, Susan Mackey, Ramon Lombarte, Lorraine H. Wister, Ferdinand Kaufman, Paul Bernard King, Jack Vanryder, Frank Alfred Bicknell, Mark Vukovic, William Frederick Ritschel, M. Della Gatta, Joseph Lorruso, Vittorio Nattino, Richard De Treville, W. Whittredge, Americo Makk, Susan Gertrude Schell, Margurete Rousseau, Joseph Sacks, Cornelis Koppenol, Franciscus Willem Helfferich, Morris Hall Pancoast, Caspar Mine, Hiram Peabody Flagg, Carl Nelson Gorman, William Proudfoot, Bieros, Nicolas Louis Cabat, William Jurian Kaula, Martha Walter, Joseph Leonard Abbrescia, Cal Phillip Weber, Yoland Ardissone, Joy Hoolihan, Leith Eaton, Don Hazen, Joesph hisch, John Gordon. Several Sculptures. TRIBAL ART: The artistic achievement of Dr. Reginald Gold’s Collection includes extraordinary achievements by non-western, mostly anonymous artists working in cultural contexts outside of Western Civilization. The daring aesthetic of this art- its freedom of form and expression- bespeaks a collector with a wide ranging curiosity in ageless artforms so powerfully related to our own. Objects include: Female Figure, Possibly African Maternal Deity, Decorated with Multi-Colored spotted pattern, Monkey Demon Astride Serpent, Squatting Effigy with multi-color paint decoration, Late 19th Century Carved and Elaborately painted Ceremonial Shield, Oceanic, Possibly New Guinea, Several pairs of Elephant Feet, Ostrich Foot Stand, Leopard Skin Drums, Carved Figures, Shields, Masks, Spears, Wood Plaques, Ebony Tapered Power Stick, Maori Deity, Boomerangs, Effigy Pots, African Fertility Figure, , Bow with Arrows, Ax, Wall Hangings, Ceremonial Drum and Stand, and much more. Catalogs available September 28th 15% Buyers Premium, 20 % Internet DOUGLASSVILLE, PA. 610-385-4818 WEB: WWW.ECHANT.COM Ron Rhoads AU 002045L Eileen Rhoads AU 003750L Robert Homan Apprentice AA018916
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