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Antique Agra Amritsar Green Oushak Tones Rug 10.8x16
Vintage Persian Pictorial Nader Shah Rug 1.11x2.10Hand Knotted Qum Silk Animal Kingdom Rug 7.6x4.4
New York, NY, United States
DoneTue, Apr 17, 2018 9:00 PM UTC

Vintage & Antique Rug Auction

Crafted and woven in village workshops, these antique and vintage rugs reveal the histories of many cultures. For centuries, collectors and decorators alike have marveled at the variety of their intricate designs. Whether tribal, floral or geometric, each rug pattern retains a sense of elegance and refinement. Yet the hand-knotted or needle-pointed wool insists on humble origins. These carpets carry as much utilitarian as artistic value, accentuating any home with their rich tradition.
Antique Chinese Rug 2.2x2.10
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Vintage Persian Hamadan Rug 4.1x7.4
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Oushak Rug 6.2x9.7
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Oushak Rug 5x9.2
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Oushak Rug 5.8x9
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Overdye Oushak Rug 6x9.3
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Vintage Pakistan Rug 7.10x10.4
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Vintage Caucasian Sumak Rug 5.9x9.8
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Oushak Rug 5.1x9
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Konya Rug 5.3x9.8
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Oushak Rug 6.1x9.8
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Oushak Rug 5.10x5.2
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Authentic Tribal Wool Persian Rug 3.7x7.4
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