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3259: Flechtschild der nördlichen Mambila,
3324: Weibliche Fetischfigur,3248: Lederschild der Issa/Afar,
Muenchen, Germany
DoneSat, May 5, 2007 8:00 AM UTC

3900 Lots of Military and Historical Interest

Antique Arms & Armour, Antiquities, Miscellanea Objects pertaining to hunting, arts and crafts, Orient and Far-East up to Japan Lot nos. 2001 - 3061 Indonesian Archipelago, Africa, excavated antiquities, antique arms and armour Lot nos. 3062 - 4076 Orders and International Militaria Orders and decorations and military history of all countries Lot nos. 5001 - 5998 German military history starting with Baden up to World War I Lot nos. 5999 - 6957