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Vienna, Austria
5 Days LeftSat, Nov 24, 2018 1:00 PM GMT

Fine Netsuke, Sagemono & Okimono

PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY 81/196 NETSUKE HAVE BEEN LISTED HERE, THE REST CAN BE VIEWED ON WWW.ZACKE.AT The Sam Felton collection is noted in the catalogue under the provenance with the CITES permit number, which will certainly prove invaluable, if any of the netsuke will be re-exported outside of the European Union. When I first handled the netsuke on my visit to Naples, Florida roughly one year ago I was immediately taken aback by the stack of cue cards and invoices that have been precisely recorded by Mr. Felton. Each netsuke had a tidily written cue card with photographs and explanation of the signature/depiction including references and publication. Furthermore, the netsuke themselves were not only all very good netsuke, but they told a story. Studying the netsuke and the cue cards, indeed was like reliving the process of collecting myself and could at times provide an intimate insight into the collection. If I would be asked to summarize this collection in a sentence, I would say he had a progressive and modern view on netsuke and was not afraid of signatures, as unfortunately so many of us are. Fifty pieces in this catalogue come from this collection. The remaining netsuke in this catalogue come from various private collections, a large part is interestingly from a British collection, and they complement the Sam Felton collection so well, that we have decided not to separate them. Instead we have chosen to present to you a story ? a glimpse into the netsuke world. The catalogue starts off with the Japanese zodiac, probably the most popular netsuke motif, where all twelve animals are represented. We then move on through myths, legends and scenes from daily life to a remarkable selection of other animals in netsuke art. Mythical beasts, lacquer and still life netsuke lead up to a very good selection of lacquer inro and sagemono.
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