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517: Richard Lindner, Lollipop, Signed Lithograph
663: Richard Lindner,  Miss American Indian, Signed Lit603: Richard Lindner, Profile, Signed Lithograph
Rio Rancho, NM, United States
DoneTue, Jul 3, 2007 4:00 PM UTC

American, European, Asian & Israeli Art (C)

This session includes works by European, American, Asian and Israeli artists such as Bracha Guy, Peter Ho, Michele Byrne, Wanda Kippenbrock, Shelby Keefe, Paul Kentz, Joyce Rezendes and Li Zhong-Liang as well as Richard Lindner, Kamil Kubik, Malcolm Morley, Nissan Engel, Anne Boysen, Roy Purcell, Norman LaLiberte, Claude Gaveau, Alexander Dobkin, Claude Manoukian, Alain Bonnefoit, Robert Bertone, Mel Hunter, Luis Mazorra, Ron Kleemann, Michael Knigin and Steve Kuzma among many others are featured. We are confident that you will find, not only excellent art, but also outstanding values in this, as well as each of our upcoming auctions. Every item offered is guaranteed for authenticity and condition. JAFA is a former Sotheby's Associate. All former Sotheby's Associates are professional dealers and were selected and approved by Sotheby's.