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Recollections Letters General Lee Son Captain Civil War
Civil War Soldier ALS 39th IL Infantry 1862 Letter CWCivil War Soldier Letter 69th IN Infantry Spanish Fort
Los Angeles, CA, United States
DoneWed, Sep 26, 2007 6:30 PM UTC

30% off June's Clearance Auction

Nate's Autographs Clearance Auction: Day 1: (Sept 17) Political and Historical Collectibles. Day 2: (Sept 18) Rare Books, Historical, Race, Religion, Science and Other Misc. Collectibles. Day 3: (Sept 19) Historical and Sports Collectibles Part 1. Day 4: (Sept 20) Sports Collectibles Part 2. Day 5: (Sept 21) Entertainment Memorabilia, Brewery Items, Fine Art, Jewelry and Watches. Day 6: (Sept 24) Civil War and Misc Photography. Day 7: (Sept 25) Civil War Items, Letters and Diaries Part 1. Day 8: (Sept 26) Civil War Items, Letters and Diaries Part 2. Live Bidding begins at 12:30pm PDT.