Historical & Entertainment Autographs 2019-08-16 Auction - 99 Price Results - Piece of the Past, Inc. in NV
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Edward Teller signed TIME magazine coverSteve McQueenYvonne Craig and Adam West
Las Vegas, NV, United States
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Historical & Entertainment Autographs

Assorted signed items from historical and entertainment figures.
Lot Number: Lowest
Selena: The famous slain Latina pop star rare signed card
0001: SelenaEst. $150-$300
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Jayne Mansfield: Signed B/W 8x10 from the film A Guide for the Married Man
0002: Jayne MansfieldEst. $400-$800Lot Passed
Steve McQueen: Signed B/W 8x10 from the film Bullitt
0003: Steve McQueenEst. $600-$1,200Lot Passed
Sam Kinison: Signed 8x10 photo of the comedian and actor, surrounded by women
0004: Sam KinisonEst. $200-$400Lot Passed
Grace Kelly: Signed 3"x5" index card, featuring the signature of the actress and princess
0005: Grace KellyEst. $200-$400Lot Passed
Gene Kelly: Signed B/W 8x10 of the actor in the most well-known shot from the musical Singin' In the Rain
0006: Gene KellyEst. $75-$150
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Kurt Cobain: Signed 8x10 of the influential musician, who died at 27 years old in an often-contested suicide.
0007: Kurt CobainEst. $750-$1,500Lot Passed
Anna Nicole Smith: Signed 8x10 glamour photo of the model and reality TV star, advertising "The Best of Anna Nicole Smith" for Playboy TV
0008: Anna Nicole SmithEst. $150-$300Lot Passed
Paul Newman: Signed B/W 8x10 from the classic film The Sting
0009: Paul NewmanEst. $300-$600Lot Passed
Ghosbusters group: Signed 8x10 photo with signatures of Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray
0011: Ghosbusters groupEst. $300-$600Lot Passed
Don Adams and Barbara Feldon: Signed 8x10 of the actros as their characters from the series Get Smart
0012: Don Adams and Barbara FeldonEst. $75-$150Lot Passed
Neil Armstrong: Rare vintage index card signed John Xirxy collection
0013: Neil ArmstrongEst. $400-$800Lot Passed
Ava Gardner: Signed B/W 8x10 of the actress from the film Earthwuake, with Charlton Heston.
0014: Ava GardnerEst. $100-$200
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Clark Gable: Signed B/W 8x10 of the actor often referrred to as "The King of Hollywood"
0015: Clark GableEst. $500-$1,000Lot Passed
Cyd Charisse and Fred Astaire: Signed B/W 8x10 of the actors dancing alongside eachother
0016: Cyd Charisse and Fred AstaireEst. $300-$600Lot Passed
Clint Eastwood: Signed B/W 8x10 of the actor, featuring his trademark scowl
0017: Clint EastwoodEst. $175-$350Lot Passed
Jimmy Durante signature: Mounted signature of the musician, comedian and actor, mounted with photo.
0018: Jimmy Durante signatureEst. $75-$150Lot Passed
Mel Brooks: Signed 8x10 photo of the filmmaker and comedian, alongside the actor Marty Feldman
0019: Mel BrooksEst. $50-$100
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Steven Spielberg: A b/w rare behind the scenes JAWS shot signed by the famous director
0020: Steven SpielbergEst. $100-$200
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Samuel Goldwyn and Abraham Lehr: One page document signed TWICE by Goldwyn doing business as MGM Historic
0021: Samuel Goldwyn and Abraham LehrEst. $150-$300
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Johnny Depp: Signed B/W 8x10 of the actor in the cult classic film Edward Scissorhands
0022: Johnny DeppEst. $75-$150
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James Dean 4"x5": Signed 4"x5" B/W photo
0023: James Dean 4"x5"Est. $1,500-$3,000
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Bette Davis: Signed B/W 8x10 of the actress regarded as one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood history
0024: Bette DavisEst. $100-$200
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