Antiques, Art, Decrotive, and Collectibles 2003-06-26 Auction - 576 Price Results - Gordon's Estate Services, Auction Services Division in ca
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6: Pair of Art Nouveau Spelter and Iron Booke483: Black Lacquered Early 1900's C. Bechstei476: Rich. Wright Witham 1761-1839, Oak Case
DoneJun 27, 2003 10:50 AM EDT
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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Antiques, Art, Decrotive, and Collectibles

Special Live/On Line Auction featuring Canadiana, Early Victorian Furniture, 17th century English oak Furniture, early 1900’s Bechstein Grand Piano, 18th century tall case clocks originally from England, China, Crystal, Glass, Porcelain, Silver, Asian pieces, Canadian and European oil paintings and watercolours, Antique Persian Rugs, and more!
Lot Number: Lowest
Indian Brass: Indian Brass Tea Caddy, *normal wear measuring 3" h., 6 1/2" d. Shipping estimate: CAD$ 25
0001: Indian BrassEst. CA$100-CA$200Lot Passed
Brass Side Table: Oval Chinese Brass Side Table on Sant Shipping estimate: CAD$ 100
0001A: Brass Side TableEst. CA$100-CA$200Lot Passed
Contemporary Chinese Tea Service: Contemporary Chinese Tea Service in wicker basket, basket measures 7 1/2" h. 10 1/2" w. with a tea pot and 2 cups Shipping estimate: CAD$ 30
0002: Contemporary Chinese Tea ServiceEst. CA$75-CA$125Lot Passed
Wicker Rice Storage Container: Wicker Rice Storage Container, measuring 10 1/2" h., 10" d. Shipping estimate: CAD$ 20
0003: Wicker Rice Storage ContainerEst. CA$100-CA$200Lot Passed
Brass Wall Sconces: Brass Wall Sconces w/glass chimneys, *noting damage to wire supports, measuring 11" h., 6 1/2" d. (644) Shipping estimate: CAD$ 25
0004: Brass Wall SconcesEst. CA$75-CA$150Lot Passed
English Copper & Brass Kettle: English Brass & Copper Kettle, measuring 8" w., 12" h. Shipping estimate: CAD$ 35
0008: English Copper & Brass KettleEst. CA$100-CA$200Lot Passed
Bakelite Handled 1940's Umbrella: Bakelite Handled 1940's Umbrella, measuring 35" l., * minor damage to support ring to cloth cover Shipping estimate: CAD$ 25
0009: Bakelite Handled 1940's UmbrellaEst. CA$50-CA$125Lot Passed
Slip Glazed Pottery Vase: Slip Glazed Pottery Vase, measuring, 15" h., * minor chip on base Shipping estimate: CAD$ 45
0010: Slip Glazed Pottery VaseEst. CA$100-CA$200Lot Passed
Tobacco Cards: Complete set of 50, Dog Related Tobacco Cards, measuring: 2 5/8" x 1 3/8" Shipping estimate: CAD$ 10
0011: Tobacco CardsEst. CA$50-CA$100
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Tobacco Cards: Complete set of 50, Movie Stars, Ardath Tobacco Cards, 2 1/8" x 1 3/8" Shipping estimate: CAD$ 10
0012: Tobacco CardsEst. CA$50-CA$100Lot Passed
Tobacco Cards: Complete set of 50, Royalty Kings & Queens of England, Ardath Tobacco Cards, measuring, 2 3/4" x 1 3/8" Shipping estimate: CAD$ 10
0013: Tobacco CardsEst. CA$50-CA$100Lot Passed
Tobacco Cards: Set of 48, Military Aircraft Tobacco Cards by HD and HO Willis, measuring 2 1/2" x 1 3/8" Shipping estimate: CAD$ 10
0014: Tobacco CardsEst. CA$50-CA$100Lot Passed
Tobacco Cards: Complete set of 50, Military Dress Cards by John Players & Son, measuring 2 5/8" x 1 3/8" Shipping estimate: CAD$ 10
0015: Tobacco CardsEst. CA$50-CA$100Lot Passed
Oriental Handpainted Condiment Set: Oriental Handpainted Condiment Set in Fitted Mahogany Case, *noting chip on one dish and the case lid is missing a small piece of wood 1/4" x 6", case measures 11 1/2" x 11 1/2" (496) Shipping
0016: Oriental Handpainted Condiment SetEst. CA$100-CA$200Lot Passed
Brown Transferware: 2 Oval Brown Transferware platters, measuring 8 1/2" l and 13 1/2" l. *noting discolouration to the rim of large platter and minor age cracks Shipping estimate: CAD$ 25
0018: Brown TransferwareEst. CA$40-CA$60Lot Passed
Transferware Cup & Saucer: Coloured Transferware Rural Scenes, Cup & Saucer, made by H.A. Wilkinson Ltd. Shipping estimate: CAD$ 15
0019: Transferware Cup & SaucerEst. CA$30-CA$50Lot Passed
Planters Peanut Jar: Planters Peanut Jar, measuring 14" h. *major chips on the lid and rim of jar Shipping estimate: CAD$ 40
0020: Planters Peanut JarEst. CA$75-CA$150Lot Passed
Royal Copley Head Vase: Royal Copley Head Vase, measuring 6 3/4" h. (829) Shipping estimate: CAD$ 15
0021: Royal Copley Head VaseEst. CA$30-CA$50Lot Passed
Oak Telephone Case: Oak Telephone Case, measuring 8 1/4" w., 20" h. *noting no interior parts case only Shipping estimate: CAD$ 40
0022: Oak Telephone CaseEst. CA$50-CA$100Lot Passed
Northern Electric Telegraph Box: Northern Electric Telegraph Box, Type N-262E, measuring 6" x 7 3/4" Shipping estimate: CAD$ 15
0023: Northern Electric Telegraph BoxEst. CA$30-CA$50Lot Passed