Fine Art From the Masters and Street Artists 2020-02-07 Auction - 299 Price Results - Leviton Fine Art, LLC in CA
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Shepherd Fairey - Supply and Demand BlackSam Francis "Dark Plated"Kef! - Roar of the Lion #2
Sherman Oaks, CA, United States
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Fine Art From the Masters and Street Artists

Over 50 new works,items with both reserves and no reserves. Here is how it works for this auction, $10 and $50 start bid items have reserves, most everything else is no reserve. Hand signed works from the 20th Century Masters, Agam, Appel, Braque, Buffet, Calder, Chagall, Dali, Everhart, Erte, De Kooning, Gorman, Haring, Hirschfeld, Hockney, Icart, Indiana, Klimt, Krasnyansky, Lautrec, Le Kinff, Leger, Lichtenstein, Matisse, Max, Miro, Neiman, Picasso, Renoir, Rockwell, Rosenquist, Schofield, Steynovitz, Tarkay, Vasarely, Verdult, Warhol, and others. Street artists, Banksy, Fairey, Basquiat, KEF! and others! We also are including some of the current hot artists such as, Astahov, Duaiv, Govezensky, Maxwell, Nechita, Ripley, Roveskaya, Warren and Wyland and many others.
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Yaacov Agam - Checker: Yaacov Agam (b. 1928-) "Checker" is a limited edition (20/99) print known as an agamograph created by the Israeli artist associated with the pioneering of kinetic art. The work is signed and
0101: Yaacov Agam - CheckerEst. $3,000-$3,500Lot Passed
Yaacov Agam - Pace of Time: Yaacov Agam (b. 1928) "Pace of Time" - Lithograph featuring hand signatures by Israeli artist, Yaacov Agam, and Shlomo Lahat, who was the Mayor of Tel Aviv from 1974 - 1993. This 1989 print was
0102: Yaacov Agam - Pace of TimeEst. $1,000-$1,500Lot Passed
Yaacov Agam - Rainbow Star of David: Yaacov Agam (b. 1928, Israeli) - "Rainbow Star of David", an original work of art by a true 20th Century Master. This is an Original Polymorph and is hand signed "Agam." The image looks different
0103: Yaacov Agam - Rainbow Star of DavidEst. $20,000-$25,000Lot Passed
Yaacov Agam, "Star of David": Yaacov Agam (nee Yaakov Gipstein- b. 1928) "Star of David" a/k/a "Two Stars (Small)" is by the Israeli artist known as a pioneer of the kinetic movement. This work (circa 2000) consists of painted
0105: Yaacov Agam, "Star of David"Est. $1,200-$1,500Lot Passed
Yaacov Agam - Spinning Polymorph: Yaacov Agam (b. 1928) Spinning Polymorph (c. 1983) by the Israeli kinetic artist. This is a limited edition, double sided, spinning sculpture measuring 14.75 inches (37.5cm) in height by 15.25
0105A: Yaacov Agam - Spinning PolymorphEst. $5,000-$10,000Lot Passed
Charles Arnoldi - Diptych: Charles Arnoldi (b. 1946, USA) - Untitled (diptych) created, hand-signed (lower left) and dated (lower right) in 1988 by the California artist. It is a mixed media piece, consisting of a monotype on
0109: Charles Arnoldi - DiptychEst. $22,000-$25,000Lot Passed
Alexander Astahov - Master Room: Alexander Astahov (b. 1955, Russia) - "Master Room" is an original, one of a kind, oil on canvas by the artist. Astahov is known for his colorful, surrealistic style and his signature butterfly,
0113: Alexander Astahov - Master RoomEst. $2,000-$2,500Lot Passed
Alexander Astahov - Rubik Cube: Alexander Astahov (b. 1955, Russia) - "Rubik Cube" is a gorgeous and colorful giclee on canvas. Limited Edition number 77/195 and Hand-Signed by the Artist. Astahov is known for his colorful,
0114: Alexander Astahov - Rubik CubeEst. $500-$750Lot Passed
Shlomo Alter "The Lovers": Shlomo Alter (b. 1936-) Romanian/Israeli; "The Lovers” (aka Flying Couple) is a limited-edition color screen-print, signed and numbered HC 14/50 (hors commerce -outside the trade; not for sale
0114A: Shlomo Alter "The Lovers"Est. $600-$850Lot Passed
Banksy "Have a Nice Day": Title: Have a Nice Day. Banksy, after. Stencil StreetArt. Edition: Random/200. Comes with Signed Certificate of Edition card of the Publisher. Signature: imprimee. With pencil hand titled and
0120A: Banksy "Have a Nice Day"Est. $400-$500Lot Passed