February 07 Bronze Sculpture Online Auction 2020-02-07 Auction - 206 Price Results - Kamy INC in VA
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Pewter Elephant SculptureElk Deer Stag Bust Bronze StatueMonkey Sit on Horse Bronze Statue
Sterling, VA, United States
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February 07 Bronze Sculpture Online Auction

February 07 Bronze Sculpture Online Auction
Lot Number: Lowest
Pewter Elephant Sculpture: Pewter with Britannia Metal Art Nouveau Style Elephant Sculpture. Handcrafted in India. Size: 8X3X5 inches. Weight: 5 LBS.
112519: Pewter Elephant SculptureEst. $150-$300Lot Passed
Man Bronze Sculpture: There is a certain dejected vulnerability to the nude man as he walks swaying, his head downcast, as he covers himself with both hands. The sculpture can be depicted in a biblical sense, envisioning
1269EB: Man Bronze SculptureEst. $600-$900Lot Passed
Greyhound Whippet Bronze Statue: This is a Bronze Sculpture of an Italian Greyhound which is the smallest of the sighthounds. The docile nature of the dog is seen through its body language as the dog cowers, pulling its tail between
1423EB: Greyhound Whippet Bronze StatueEst. $700-$1,050Lot Passed
Amazon Art Deco Bronze Statue: This amazing woman warrior fights for her life, she kicks up high as her sword that is on her right hand is straight ahead pointing at her opponent. Her other hand holds her shield which she clearly
1491EB: Amazon Art Deco Bronze StatueEst. $700-$1,050Lot Passed
Mountain Man Bronze Sculpture: This Sculpture is titled Mountain Man. It is of a man and his horse ascending down a steep mountain terrain. The mountain man himself carries a long riffle on his side and wears leather chaps, a
1717EB: Mountain Man Bronze SculptureEst. $1,000-$1,500Lot Passed