Lakeland Antique Bazaar S6 2020-02-02 Auction - 928 Price Results - Lakeland Antique Bazaar in FL - Page 8
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An Ornate Silverplated Reposse BasketA Cast Iron TruckAn African Plaque
Lakeland, FL, United States
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Lakeland Antique Bazaar S6

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Lot Number: Lowest
A Japanese Imari or Arita Charger: 15 1/2" in diameter
6178: A Japanese Imari or Arita ChargerEst. $300-$3,000Lot Passed
A Ladies Harley Davidson Jacket: size: L
6180: A Ladies Harley Davidson JacketEst. $125-$1,250Lot Passed
A Shawnee Pottery Vase: 8 1/2" tall
6181: A Shawnee Pottery VaseEst. $20-$200Lot Passed
A 1928 $1.00 Red Seal Note: Rare
6184: A 1928 $1.00 Red Seal NoteEst. $60-$600Lot Passed
A Japanese Cloisonne Plate: 19th century - unusual design - 6" across - please note: bruises on the back
6185: A Japanese Cloisonne PlateEst. $80-$800Lot Passed
A Wood Horse Hair Brush: 12 1/2" long
6186: A Wood Horse Hair BrushEst. $75-$750Lot Passed
A Green Glass Elephant: 3 inches across
6187: A Green Glass ElephantEst. $35-$350Lot Passed
A Wedgwood Jasperware Box: 3 3/4" in diameter
6188: A Wedgwood Jasperware BoxEst. $35-$350Lot Passed
A Japanese Lusterware: with laddle - 3 inches tall
6190: A Japanese LusterwareEst. $15-$150Lot Passed
A Scrooge McDuck Figurine: 1988 - Made in Germany - Disney - 3 1/2" wide
6191: A Scrooge McDuck FigurineEst. $20-$200Lot Passed
A Vintage Wooden Mask: 11 inches long
6193: A Vintage Wooden MaskEst. $25-$250Lot Passed
A Glass Hedgehog: Art glass - Gozo glass - signed - 3 inches long
6197: A Glass HedgehogEst. $20-$200Lot Passed
A Jade or Hardstone Urn: Please note: finial (tail) has small chip - 12 1/2" tall
6198: A Jade or Hardstone UrnEst. $475-$4,750Lot Passed
A Ceramic Trinket Box: 2 3/4" tall
6200: A Ceramic Trinket BoxEst. $10-$100Lot Passed
Carved Large Jade Snuff Bottle: 3 5/8" tall.
6201: Carved Large Jade Snuff BottleEst. $200-$2,000Lot Passed