February 21 Online Bronze Sculpture Auction 2020-02-21 Auction - 347 Price Results - Kamy INC in VA
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Las Vegas Exotic Dancer Bronze SculptureLethal Predator of Jungle Bronze SculptureNude Diana the Hunter Bronze Sculpture
DoneFeb 21, 2020 11:58 PM EST
Sterling, VA, United States
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February 21 Online Bronze Sculpture Auction

February 21 Online Bronze Sculpture Auction
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Eagle Bronze Statue: This is a beautifully detailed Sculpture of the American bald Eagle. It swoops down from the sky and spreads his wings and claws to grasp a nearby branch. He swoops down and is versatile in this
0555EB: Eagle Bronze StatueEst. $1,100-$1,650Lot Passed
Camel Desert Israel Bronze Statue: This Statue is of a Camel who stands square, resting for a moment under the shade of a nearby palm tree. He has a saddle on his back that is empty of a traveler, and he waits patiently for their
0562EB: Camel Desert Israel Bronze StatueEst. $1,400-$2,100Lot Passed
Vienna Deer Bronze Statue: This young fawn lifts his head in the middle of his grazing and lifts his ears up in alertness. He pauses and takes a second to look around and check out his surroundings. His ears are large and
0592EB: Vienna Deer Bronze StatueEst. $600-$900Lot Passed
Erotic Pose Bronze Sculpture: This is an art deco woman in a very dexterous position, leaning to the side in an elongated pose. Her garment is effortlessly draped across her body. The creases fall all around her body with
0743EB: Erotic Pose Bronze SculptureEst. $900-$1,800Lot Passed
Bookends Bronze Sculpture: They take hours upon hours to carve, mold and make. Breathtakingly beautiful these bas reliefs show a side profile of a woman both amazingly delicately prepared with detail. Both rectangular pieces
0777EB: Bookends Bronze SculptureEst. $700-$1,050Lot Passed
Owl Bronze Bird Sculpture: This owl is standing on a tree stump pedestal and is hand casted from a bronze patina to bring out the natural beauty of the bird. This is a beautiful bronze Owl, this would make a great centerpiece
0804EB: Owl Bronze Bird SculptureEst. $400-$600Lot Passed