Art Lovers Don't Miss Out NO-RESERVES 2020-02-08 Auction - 77 Price Results - QC Fine Arts in AZ
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DoneFeb 08, 2020 8:32 PM EST
Mesa, AZ, United States
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Art Lovers Don't Miss Out NO-RESERVES

Paintings - Bronzes - Old Masters - Limited Edition Prints - Giclees
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DAWN (EATON): Original oil on canvas by Kathleen Eaton 14'' x 18'' Framed 18.25'' x 22.25'' Signed lower left
0003: DAWN (EATON)Est. $350-$475Lot Passed
FALL LANDSCAPE (JIM McKEON): Beautiful Fall landscape oil on canvas 16'' x 20'' Framed 21'' x 25'' Signed lower left.
0004: FALL LANDSCAPE (JIM McKEON)Est. $300-$450Lot Passed
GOLDEN AUTUMN (J. MERRILL): Wonderful Watercolor by A. Merrill 17.5'' x 13.75'' Framed 24.375'' x 20.875'' Signed lower right
0005: GOLDEN AUTUMN (J. MERRILL)Est. $325-$475Lot Passed
BOOT TOP CROSSING (G. Harvey): Limited Edition Giclee Print signed and numbered on canvas by artist G. Harvey of two cowboys in slickers and their pack horses crossing a mountain stream, swollen by melting snow and heavy spring
0006: BOOT TOP CROSSING (G. Harvey)Est. $2,500-$3,750
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AFTER THE COUNCIL (Frank McCarthy): Limited Edition Giclee Print signed and numbered on canvas by artist Frank McCarthy. # 391/550 Size: 20’’ x 36’’ Unframed and in mint condition.
0008: AFTER THE COUNCIL (Frank McCarthy)Est. $650-$1,100
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SNOW KING (Robert Lindneux): Color Print matted and framed. Print size: 12’’ x 11’’ Frame size: 21’’ x 16.625’’
0009: SNOW KING (Robert Lindneux)Est. $95-$135Lot Passed
CHINA GIRL WITH CAT: This beautiful Young Chinese girl has been picking a wild flower with her cat on a nearby fence railing. The painting is oil on canvas size: 30’’ x 40’’ the frame size is: 34.25’’ x
0010: CHINA GIRL WITH CATEst. $2,500-$3,500Lot Passed
MOUNTAIN MEN (R.V.Greeves American): This is a very rare painting done by Richard V. Greeves better known as a sculptor. If you collect Richards’s bronzes you may just want to add this painting to your collection. Oil on canvas 24'' x
0011: MOUNTAIN MEN (R.V.Greeves American)Est. $2,500-$5,500Lot Passed
CREATING A WILLOW BACKREST (Ed Copley): Ed’s painting captures a couple of Lakota Indian girls working on creating a willow backrest. The scene was captured from one of Ed’s trips to South Dakota. The painting is oil on linen size:
0012: CREATING A WILLOW BACKREST (Ed Copley)Est. $12,500-$16,500Lot Passed
PORTRAIT OF A MAN: The man posing for this portrait has a great strong look on his face, leaving you to wanting to know more about him and his life. The painting has been restored and in excellent condition, the frame
0013: PORTRAIT OF A MANEst. $3,500-$4,500Lot Passed
Spirit of the Senses (Vala Ola): Bronze 33'' H x 16'' W x 14'' D - Vala Ola creates figurative sculptures cast in bronze for art collectors as well as public monuments. Edition 8/35
0015: Spirit of the Senses (Vala Ola)Est. $5,000-$7,200Lot Passed
AMERICAN BOY 19th c.: Oil on canvas - painting has been restored and in excellent condition with its original frame. Size: 30'' x 25'' Frame 36'' x 31''
0018: AMERICAN BOY 19th c.Est. $5,000-$6,500Lot Passed
CREE FINERY (Howard Terpning): Cree Finery (fine art print) # 77/1000 by Howard Terpning Print size: 22’’ x 17.5’’ Frame: 28’’ x 24’’
0019: CREE FINERY (Howard Terpning)Est. $350-$525Lot Passed
PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG WOMAN 18th c.: Painting of a beautiful lady in it's original oval frame the frame has it's original hanging loops for mounting on the wall. The oil painting on canvas has been restored has no date or signature in
0021: PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG WOMAN 18th c.Est. $6,000-$7,500Lot Passed
BULL ATTACKED BY A TIGER: ANTOINE-LOUIS BARYE (FRENCH, 1795-1875) Bronze dark-brown/redish patina 8.5'' H x10'' W x 4'' D
0022: BULL ATTACKED BY A TIGEREst. $6,000-$9,500Lot Passed
SIOUX CHIEF HUMP (Olaf Wieghorst): Signed and numbered print 319/900 Matted and framed print size: 24'' x 20'' Frame size: 30.25'' x 25.75''
0024: SIOUX CHIEF HUMP (Olaf Wieghorst)Est. $1,250-$1,450Lot Passed