Fine Chinese Paintings and Works of Art 2020-03-16 Auction - 234 Price Results - Gianguan Auctions in NY
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Zhang Daqian Reminiscing Lotus HarvestShang Dynasty, A Pair of Yellow Jade Carved TigerQing Dynasty, Qianlong A Turquoise-Glazed Ceramic
DoneMar 16, 2020 8:59 PM EDT
New York, NY, United States
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Fine Chinese Paintings and Works of Art

Chinese Traditional and Contemporary Paintings, Jade, Ceramics, Bronzes and Works of Art
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Turquoise Necklace: 松绿石精选天然意形珠项链 Turquoise Necklace A single long strand of naturalistic turquoise beads. Length: 46¼ in (117.5
0012: Turquoise NecklaceEst. $1,500-$2,000Lot Passed
Jadeite Dragon Pendant: 翡翠浮雕龙挂饰 Jadeite Dragon Pendant Height: 2 in. (5.08 cm.) Weight: 24g
0019: Jadeite Dragon PendantEst. $500-$800Lot Passed
Jadeite Bixie Pendant: 翡翠小辟邪挂饰 Jadeite Bixie Pendant Length: 1⅝ in. (4.13cm.) Weight: 18g
0020: Jadeite Bixie PendantEst. $300-$500Lot Passed
A Yellow Jadeite Melon Pendant: 稀有黄翡翠瓜形挂饰 A Yellow Jadeite Melon Pendant Length: 1¼ in (3.2cm) Width: ½ in (1.3cm) Weight: 8g
0023: A Yellow Jadeite Melon PendantEst. $200-$300
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Qi Gong Picturesque Mt. Xi Ling: 启功 (1912 - 2005) 西陵胜景 水墨纸本立轴 款识:
0024: Qi Gong Picturesque Mt. Xi LingEst. $6,000-$10,000Lot Passed
Tang Yun Lotus: 唐云 (1910 - 1993) 荷塘青翠 设色水墨纸本立轴 1966 年作
0025: Tang Yun LotusEst. $4,000-$6,000Lot Passed
Ren Yi (Bonian)(Qing Dynasty) Flute Music: 清 任颐(伯年) (1840 - 1895) 听乐图 设色水墨纸本立轴 款识:任颐
0026: Ren Yi (Bonian)(Qing Dynasty) Flute MusicEst. $8,000-$15,000
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Zhao Shaoang Plum Blossom with Bees: 赵少昂 (1905 - 1998) 红梅蜜蜂图 设色水墨纸本立轴 款识:少昂
0027: Zhao Shaoang Plum Blossom with BeesEst. $5,000-$8,000Lot Passed
Wu Changshuo Chrysanthemum: 吴昌硕 (1844 - 1927) 佛手与菊 设色水墨纸本立轴 款识:
0030: Wu Changshuo ChrysanthemumEst. $25,000-$35,000Lot Passed
Huang Zhou Flock of Sparrows: 黃冑 (1925 - 1997) 好鸟枝头亦朋友 设色水墨纸本立轴 款识:黄冑
0032: Huang Zhou Flock of SparrowsEst. $10,000-$20,000Lot Passed