Two Day Auction: Razors/Knives: & Hansegger Paintings (No Reserves) 2005-01-08 Auction - 329 Price Results - Absolute Auctions & Realty in NY
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DoneJan 09, 2005 3:20 PM EST
Pleasant Valley, NY, United States
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Two Day Auction: Razors/Knives: & Hansegger Paintings (No Reserves) has been commissioned to sell the large collection of artwork of the late artist John K. Hansegger (1908-1988). We sold 365 paintings from the collection on November 13th at auction. This cataloged auction is offering another 325 choice works representing a cross-section of his varied life’s work. Note: Every Painting is an Original and has an inventory number written on the back of stretcher or canvas. This number appears in the first line of the description, o/c= oil on canvas, o/b = oil on board, etc. If the painting has a title or a date it is provided in the individual descriptions. J.K. Hansegger was born in 1908 in St. Galen, Switzerland. By the age of 20, his prodigious talent earned him a critically acclaimed one-man museum showing in Zug, Switzerland, which was followed by several important commissions for further work. Hansegger then spent the next 14 years traveling in Brussels, Paris and Zurich. In Zurich, he was admitted to both the “Kunstlervereinigung,” founded by Ferdinand Hodler, and the “Allianz” of abstract painters, where he worked and exhibited with Kandinsky, Klee and Hans Arp. He also founded and directed the Publishing House of Abstract Art, the “Des Eaux Vives,” and the Kunstler Haus, institutions that remained the creative nucleus of Zurich for over a decade. In Paris, Hansegger was admitted to the prestigious Surindependents and also had the opportunity to work with Picasso, whose 1936 portrait by Hansegger sold in the November 13th auction. Other portraits of notable people are included in this sale including Albert Einstein. During these times, Hansegger refined the techniques of realism, cubism, synthetic cubism, impressionism, expressionism, abstractionism and erraticism (his own invention). Each style can be found in his still lifes, portraits, landscapes and animal subjects, especially his famous roosters. Everyone who purchases one of his classic Roosters will receive a copy of a 12 page pamphlet "Hansegger the Rooster Painter." dated 1986 with a photo of the artists and illustrations of some of his Rooster paintings as well as text regarding why he painted Roosters. Though a prolific experimentalist, Hansegger rarely marketed and sold his works to the public, preferring instead to live a simple, bohemian existence. There are no historical auction records. “John never had a driver’s license or worked a ‘real job’ in his life,” states his nephew. “Although a personal friend of Pablo Picasso and other famous artists, he would not allow himself to be commercialized and only sold an occasional painting for cash when he needed money.” After Paris, Hansegger visited America then embarked on an extended journey to Ecuador and Africa. In 1953, he settled in the United States and held a well-received one-man show at Princeton University, which is where he met Einstein. He lived in New York City for several years before settling upstate in Hillsdale, Columbia County, New York. Carefully stored in his family’s Rhinebeck home, Hansegger’s complete collection of about 1,200 paintings has remained intact. Absolute’s November 13 auction witnessed the sale of 365, this auction is a perfect opportunity to purchase from 325 works representing his full range of styles, from his very first paintings to his last. This is a fabulous investment opportunity. You are in on the ground floor with the ability to choose from many original paintings that have been in storage for many years. For further information regarding J.K. Hansegger visit or call (845) 635-3169.
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