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Civil War, Military & Indian Artifact Auction

Civil War, Indian Artifacts, WWI/WWII Memorabilia & More. SWORDS/BAYONETS/KNIVES: Model 1840 Calvary Sword, N.P. Justice, Reenactment Civil War Swords, Two Lodge Swords, British Sword, Japanese Sword, WWI German Bone Handle Sword, 1870/1880 Western Style Trade Machete, Belgium 1868 Saw back Bayonet, Revolutionary Bayonet, 4570 Bayonet & More. CIVIL WAR: Civil War Soldier Tin Types, Civil War CDV's, Civil War Documents, Civil War Infantry Soldiers Model 1862 Broken Recovered Shoe from Ridgetown River, Alabama, Civil War Period Eagle Belt Loop Drum Holder & More. WWI/WWII: Nazi Dress Dagger with Frog, Nazi Bayonet for K-98 Mauser Rifle with Frog, Nazi Flag, Black Panther Dagger, Nazi Dagger Bayonet & More. INDIAN ARTIFACTS: Pipe-Tomahawk Brass Head, 100's of Arrowheads (Birdpoints, Spearpoints, Triangular Points, Dovetail, Fishtail, Etc.), Drills, Knives, Pendants, Bannerstones, Full & 3/4 Groove Axes, Trophy Axe, Stone Spud, Discortal Cup, Ft. Ancient Culture Engraved Spool, Rare Type Pop Eye Birdstone, Hardstone Cone, Hardstone Loaf Stone, Boat Stone, More Stone Tools, Trade Pipes, Stone Effigy Facial Pipe, Old Catlenite Historical Effigy Pipe, Historical Claw Effigy Pipe, Baskets, Pottery ( Two Blackhand Black Pottery Vases, Ranch Incised Mississippian, Cado Haley Water Bottle, Couch Shell Mississippian, Large Noted Straphandle), Trade Beads, Plain Beaded Necklace & Much More. ART: Prints, Pictures & Photos MISC: Revolutionary Payment Due Note, 1761 London Chronicle Newspaper, 1796 Bail Bond & More.
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