Antique Canes and Walking Sticks-Spring 2009 2009-04-18 Auction - 150 Price Results - Kimball M. Sterling Inc. TFL-1915 in TN
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127: Art Nouveau Ivory Dress26: Ivory Nude85: Silver Chinese Export
DoneApr 19, 2009 9:20 AM EDT
Johnson City, TN, United States
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Antique Canes and Walking Sticks-Spring 2009

This sale will consist of 150 antique canes and walking sticks. There will be folk-art, erotic, swords, silver and gold dress canes, antique ivory canes and much more
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Carved Ivory Dog Cane/Walking stick: Carved Ivory Dog-Late 19th Century-A large carved elephant ivory handle with two color glass eyes, ribbed signed sterling collar, honey malacca shaft and a horn ferrule-H. 2 ½" x 2", OL. 34
0001: Carved Ivory Dog Cane/Walking stickEst. $1,200-$1,500
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Carved Ivory Cat: Carved Ivory Cat-Late 19th Century-A very well carved handle, ornate silver collar with British hallmarks, malacca shaft and a horn ferrule-H. 2" x 3 ½", OL. 36"-$1,500-$2,000
0002: Carved Ivory CatEst. $1,500-$2,000
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Carved Ivory Shoe: Carved Ivory Shoe-C. 1880-A segmented full ivory shaft with a nicely carved Victorian shoe and cartouche on its handle. The cane is probably a traveling suitcase cane due to it's two part shaft-H. 5
0003: Carved Ivory ShoeEst. $1,200-$1,400Lot Passed
Tiffany Gold and Ivory: Tiffany Gold and Ivory-Dated 1906-A signed and dated Tiffany end cap, baleen eyelets, a segmented twig spur shaft with Baleen inlays and no ferrule-H. 2" x ¾", OL. 36"-$1,400-$1,600 See our 150
0004: Tiffany Gold and IvoryEst. $1,400-$1,600
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Inscribed Ivory Dress: Inscribed Ivory Dress-Dated January 26, 1868-A finely carved pommel handle, sterling collar inscribed Bethlehem PA, and various other Pennsylvania Dutch names. It has a ebony shaft and a brass
0005: Inscribed Ivory DressEst. $800-$1,200
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Silver and Ivory Dress: Silver and Ivory Dress-C. 1890-An Art Nouveau silver over ivory handle with various depictions of flowers and leafs. The ebony shaft has a bi-metal ferrule-H. 5" x 2 ¼", OL. 36 ½"-$800-$1,000
0006: Silver and Ivory DressEst. $800-$1,000
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Contemporary Political Cane: Contemporary Political Cane-A red white and blue convention cane which has a silver Kennedy half contained under glass with a photograph of Barack Obama-H. 1 ½" x 2", OL. 36 ½"-$100-$200
0007: Contemporary Political CaneEst. $100-$200
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Carved Dog Auctomation: Carved Dog Automation-Early 20th Century-A carved and painted dog with a boiler hat and two color glass eyes. When the button underneath the chin is pushed the mouth opens and the hat rises, hardwood
0008: Carved Dog AuctomationEst. $500-$700
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Victorian Ivory Dress: Victorian Ivory Dress-C. 1875-A finely carved ivory handle, a pair of ivory eyelets, ebony shaft and a bi-metal ferrule-H. 3 ¼" x 1 ½", OL. 36"-$400-$600
0009: Victorian Ivory DressEst. $400-$600
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Carved Bone Skull: Carved Bone Skull-Mid 20th Century-A carved and stained handle with a moveable lower jaw, mahogany shaft and a small bone ferrule-H. 1 ¼" x 2", OL. 35"-$200-$300
0010: Carved Bone SkullEst. $200-$300
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Masonic Gold and Ivory: Masonic Gold and Ivory-C. 1890-An original carved ivory handle which has a Masonic emblem, a signed 14kt 1" gold collar, faux bamboo partridge wood shaft and a 2" bone ferrule-H. 3 ¼" x 1 1/8", OL.
0011: Masonic Gold and IvoryEst. $600-$800
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Carved Ivory Horse: Carved Ivory Horse-C. 1880-An unusual handle which has a striking patina, two color glass eyes, fluted silver collar, ebony shaft and a horn ferrule-H. 4" x 1 ¾", OL. 35 ¼"-$600-$800
0012: Carved Ivory HorseEst. $600-$800
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Large Ivory Dress: Large Ivory Dress-C. 1910-A massive carved handle of a very cute dog with two color glass eyes, signed silver collar, exotic wood shaft and a horn ferrule-H. 3 ¾" x 1 ¾", OL. 36"-$1,300-$1,500
0013: Large Ivory DressEst. $1,300-$1,500Lot Passed
Court Sword Cane: Court Sword Cane-Late 18th Century-A near mint example, ivory handle, coin silver eyelets, various silver collars, rich malacca shaft and a 3" brass ferrule. The 25" blade has much of its bluing and
0014: Court Sword CaneEst. $1,500-$2,000
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Folk Art Pig Dog: Folk-Art Pig Dog-C. 1900-A one piece burl and found walking stick, is probably the first pig dog we have ever sold. The cane retains most of it's original bark and no ferrule-H. 4" x 1 ¾", OL.
0015: Folk Art Pig DogEst. $200-$400
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Tiffany Gold Dress: Tiffany Gold Dress-Early 20th Century-A signed Tiffany 18Kt gold dress cane, ebony shaft and a horn ferrule, signed Tiffany and Co. 8944 Makers 6727-H. 1 ½" x 1 ½", OL. 36"-$1,200-$1,400
0016: Tiffany Gold DressEst. $1,200-$1,400
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Victorian Erotic: Victorian Erotic-Late 19th Century-A hardwood crook one piece cane with a Satyr reaching for a Victorian lady in her pantaloons and boots. Appears to be silver, the shaft is some type of exotic wood
0017: Victorian EroticEst. $800-$1,200Lot Passed
Cat and Mouse Folk: Cat and Mouse Folk-Early 20th Century-A carved primitive cat ready to attack a mouse, signed sterling collar, partridge wood shaft and a bi-metal ferrule-H. 4" x 2", OL. 36"-$250-$350
0018: Cat and Mouse FolkEst. $250-$350Lot Passed
Rhino Sword Cane: Rhino Sword Cane-C. 1830-A very fine example with brass collars and fittings, locking mechanism with a 4 sided 14 ¼" blade, malacca shaft and a 4" brass ferrule-H. 4 ½" x 4", OL. 36"-$1,000-$1,500
0019: Rhino Sword CaneEst. $1,000-$1,500
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Tortoise and Snake Dagger Cane: Tortoise and Snake Dagger Cane-C. 1860-An unusual combination of a tortoise handle and what appears to be python skin covering a hardwood shaft, brass fittings, locking 6 ½" 4-sided engraved blade
0020: Tortoise and Snake Dagger CaneEst. $800-$1,000Lot Passed
Ivory and Silver Dog: Ivory and Silver Dog-Late 19th Century-A carved and stained ivory head with two color glass eyes, silver overlay on both eye brows and ears, malacca crutch shaft and a horn ferrule-H. 5 ½" x 3", OL.
0021: Ivory and Silver DogEst. $600-$800
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Silver Mermaid: Silver Mermaid-C. 2008-A finely cast signed sterling mermaid from the custom shop of Charles Daugherty, silver collar is signed C.W.D., a rich ebony shaft and a brass ferrule-H. 4" x 2", OL. 36
0022: Silver MermaidEst. $500-$700
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Ivory Sword: Ivory Sword Cane-Late 18th Century-Carved ivory knob, three sterling collars, silver eyelets with tassel attached, signed but unreadable 17" blade self locking blade which retains part of its
0023: Ivory SwordEst. $700-$1,200
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Tiffany Silver Dress: Tiffany Silver Dress-Late 19th Century-Silver handle which is signed Tiffany and Co. Sterling, handle retains much of its original patina, stout malacca shaft and a 2 ¾" bone ferrule-H. 1 ¼" x 2
0024: Tiffany Silver DressEst. $500-$700
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