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Fine & Decorative Antique Carpets & Rugs

For the price of a new rug, our clients are able to purchase an antique rug. An antique rug is an investment; it possesses value. This value appreciates with time, providing the buyer with a piece of the utmost quality and rarity at incredibly reduced prices. An unbeatable opportunity, these prices are at their lowest, offering clients the chance to acquire antique rugs at prices comparable, if not lower than new rugs. Which begs the question: "Why buy the new when you can get the original?" Nazmiyal has one of the most comprehensive collections of antique rugs in the industry. Unlike new rugs antique rugs offer a person a piece of history. A new rug, however beautiful, does not offer the same allure. Over time an antique's age becomes even more extraordinary: colors enhance, luster appears and beauty unravels. Now for one of the first times in ages a buyer can purchase antique rugs at prices comparable if not lower than new rugs and carpets.
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