Signature House Auction XXII 2003-08-23 Auction - 561 Price Results - Signature House in CA
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DoneAug 24, 2003 8:20 AM EDT
UPLAND, CA, United States
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Signature House Auction XXII

Signature House offers over 1100 lots in all categories. Presidents include an endorsement by George Washington on early Potowmac Company document; an important ALS by John Adams; a rare signed presidential engraving of John Quincy Adams; the signed Will of Franklin Roosevelt together with related documents in his hand; and autographs of Presidents Jefferson, Jackson, Kennedy, etc.

Also an assortment of antiquities from the Holy Land; a Papal Order of St. Gregory medal; and a book signed by Aimee Semple McPherson.

Colonial and Americana feature a rare 17th century Indian Deed encompassing land later called Hyde Park and the Roosevelt estate; and an extremely rare leaf from one of the very first original printings by Benjamin Franklin. Plus Custer Battlefield relics and autographs by Frank James; and Pat Garrett.

American Finance features Confederate bonds, obsolete currency and stock certificates signed by Charles Dow, Henry Wells & William Fargo.

In Civil War is a rare West Point diploma signed by Robert E. Lee as superintendent; a war-date endorsement by Stonewall Jackson; DS by John Hunt Morgan; and a Georgia presentation flag. Plus a rare signed CDV by General Custer.

Lieutenant General Patton’s swagger stick and “Bull” Halsey’s naval flyer’s wings highlight our Military section.

There are aviation pioneers such as Lindbergh and astronauts. Scientists include Einstein and Edison.

We have English monarchs, Churchill, Franz Josef; Catherine the Great and Rasputin. Also Picasso and Disney; Tchaikovsky and Victor Herbert.

Literature features an autograph 1884 Devinne Press edition of Samuel Pepys’ diary, plus a DS by Ayn Rand.

Entertainment offers a variety of vintage and contemporary stars including Marilyn Monroe and an uncommon ISP of young John Wayne signing as “Duke,” plus the entire “Lucy” cast; Sinatra, Presley, and John Lennon.

We have a baseball signed by Ruth and Gehrig; boxers Jack Johnson and Marcel Cerdan; golfers Bobby Jones and Tiger Woods. And much more.
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FOSSILIZED SHARK'S TOOTH: 1. FOSSILIZED SHARK'S TOOTH Miocene Period fossil 5-25 million years old, the carcharodon megalodon, commonly called Great White, is considered the most dangerous of the sharks. Measuring approx 4¾"
0001: FOSSILIZED SHARK'S TOOTHEst. $80-$100See Sold Price
BABYLONIAN NECKLACE WITH SUMARIAN SEAL: 2. BABYLONIAN NECKLACE WITH SUMARIAN SEAL Circa 3000 BC, during the dawn of Western Civilization. These Babylonian stone beads with incised stamp seal have been restrung to restore the necklace that
COPTIC BIBLE LEAVES: 3. COPTIC BIBLE LEAVES Circa 1400s, a collection of three early Ethiopian Bible leaves, each 6¼"x6¾". Handwritten on goatskin with red illuminations, legend has it that these examples were obtained
0003: COPTIC BIBLE LEAVESEst. $300-$400
See Sold Price
CANAANITE SWORD DAGGER: 4. CANAANITE SWORD DAGGER Middle Bronze Age I, 2100 - 1570 BC from the time of the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, this straight, two-edged dagger with strengthened central spine
0004: CANAANITE SWORD DAGGEREst. $300-$400
See Sold Price
EGYPTIAN NECKLACE WITH AMULET: 5. EGYPTIAN NECKLACE WITH AMULET Circa 600 B.C. (26th Dynasty). Approx 10½" in length, the patterned tubular and disc-shaped faience and glass bead necklace in hues of blue and other colors, with a
See Sold Price
HALF SHEKEL OF TYRE: TEMPLE TAX7. HALF SHEKEL OF TYRE From the Holy Land, 18 BC - 70 AD, this museum quality specimen numismatically graded Very Fine is believed by most scholars to have been minted in Jerusalem, as
0007: HALF SHEKEL OF TYREEst. $200-$300See Sold Price
HERODIAN TERRA COTTA BOWL: 8. HERODIAN TERRA COTTA BOWL Buff color dish almost 4½" in diameter across the top and tapering below collar rim to 1½" flat disk base. Approx 2" tall, these were made for ordinary household use
0008: HERODIAN TERRA COTTA BOWLEst. $100-$150See Sold Price
MAGICAL PERSIAN PENDANT: 9. MAGICAL PERSIAN PENDANT Faience ribbed pendant, ca. 8th - 10th century, worn as a powerful magical amulet. Approx 1¼" in diameter, this artifact displays an attractive green patina and is in
0009: MAGICAL PERSIAN PENDANTEst. $50-$70See Sold Price
OIL LAMP WITH CROSS: 10. OIL LAMP WITH CROSS Early Christian decorated buff color terra cotta oil lamp with a distinctive cross on the triangular handle which extends over 1" from the base. From the Holy land, third to
0010: OIL LAMP WITH CROSSEst. $100-$200See Sold Price
ROMAN AGATE NECKLACE: 11. ROMAN AGATE NECKLACE Ca. 300 AD, 18" in length, each bead is multifaceted. A nice orange color and restrung with modern findings to make an attractive and attention-getting 1700 year-old
0011: ROMAN AGATE NECKLACEEst. $100-$150See Sold Price
ROMAN FIBULA PIN: 12. ROMAN FIBULA PIN A bronze fibula pin from Jesus time and the period of Roman occupation of the Holy Land, harp-shaped, over 2" in length. It was designed to secure a cloak or toga near the neck
0012: ROMAN FIBULA PINEst. $100-$150See Sold Price
ROMAN MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS: 13. ROMAN MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS Seven different bronze implements including three variously shaped spoons, a scalpel, a spatula and two others. Excavated in Jerusalem, they date from the time of the
0013: ROMAN MEDICAL INSTRUMENTSEst. $500-$600See Sold Price
SASANIAN SILVER COINS: 14. SASANIAN SILVER COINS From the time of Khusro II, 591 - 628 AD. Two AR drachm. The size of half dollars, the obverse displays a bust of the king facing right wearing winged crown. On the reverse
0014: SASANIAN SILVER COINSEst. $150-$250Lot Passed
SILVER DENARIUS: "RENDER UNTO CAESAR"15. SILVER DENARIUS Popularly referred to as "Tribute Peney" minted in Imperial Rome during reign of Tiberius. On obverse is displayed Laureate image of Tiberius with inscription
0015: SILVER DENARIUSEst. $200-$300See Sold Price
TERRA COTTA COSMETIC VESSEL: 16. TERRA COTTA COSMETIC VESSEL This buff color vessel is approx 3½" tall with slender neck and bulbous body tapering to base. Found in Jerusalem, it was used to hold perfumes and cosmetics and is a
0016: TERRA COTTA COSMETIC VESSELEst. $100-$150Lot Passed
TERRA COTTA DIPPER JUGLET: 17. TERRA COTTA DIPPER JUGLET Dating from the time of the Judges through the reigns of King David and Solomon, 1200 BC - 930 BC, the buff color juglet with handle stands 5" in height and is approx
0017: TERRA COTTA DIPPER JUGLETEst. $150-$250See Sold Price
TERRA COTTA JUGLET: 18. TERRA COTTA JUGLET Five thousand years old, this Judean reddish and buff color juglet with handle is approx 1½" tall and 2¾" at widest portion of the bowl with 3" arching handle. This vessel
0018: TERRA COTTA JUGLETEst. $200-$300Lot Passed
TOKEN OF THE TRUE CROSS: 19. TOKEN OF THE TRUE CROSS Pilgrim's clay token from the Holy Land, approx ¾" in diameter, displaying an impression of the true cross with the heads of St. Peter and St. Paul in the lower angles of
0019: TOKEN OF THE TRUE CROSSEst. $150-$250See Sold Price
DAVID BEN-GURION: 20. DAVID BEN-GURION (1886-1973). Having declared Israel's independence, he became its first prime minister and greatly influenced the country's first decade, placing much emphasis on national
0020: DAVID BEN-GURIONEst. $400-$600See Sold Price
DAVID BEN-GURION: 21. DAVID BEN-GURION SP, b/w matte, 5"x3½" half-length seated portrait at desk. Boldly signed beneath image. Fine. Est: $400-600 Presented by Signature House
0021: DAVID BEN-GURIONEst. $400-$600See Sold Price
MENACHEM BEGIN: 22. MENACHEM BEGIN (1913-1992). Early Zionist leader who rose to Israeli prime minister (1977-83) and signed a peace treaty with Sadat of Egypt, the first peace treaty between Israel and an Arab
0022: MENACHEM BEGINEst. $80-$100
See Sold Price
ITZHAK BEN-ZVI: 23. ITZHAK BEN-ZVI (1884-1963). Ukrainian Zionist who was a WW I Jewish Legion Veteran; signer of Israeli Declaration of Independence (1948); and second President of Israel (1952-63). TLS in Hebrew,
0023: ITZHAK BEN-ZVIEst. $600-$800See Sold Price
YITZCHAK RABIN: 24. YITZCHAK RABIN (1922-1995). Twice Prime Minister of Israel assassinated by a radical conservative opposed to his peace initiatives with the Palestinians for which he won the Nobel Peace Prize in
0024: YITZCHAK RABINEst. $125-$175See Sold Price