Signature House Auction XXII 2003-08-24 Auction - 532 Price Results - Signature House in CA
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DoneAug 25, 2003 8:20 AM EDT
UPLAND, CA, United States
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Signature House Auction XXII

Signature House offers over 1100 lots in all categories. Presidents include an endorsement by George Washington on early Potowmac Company document; an important ALS by John Adams; a rare signed presidential engraving of John Quincy Adams; the signed Will of Franklin Roosevelt together with related documents in his hand; and autographs of Presidents Jefferson, Jackson, Kennedy, etc.

Also an assortment of antiquities from the Holy Land; a Papal Order of St. Gregory medal; and a book signed by Aimee Semple McPherson.

Colonial and Americana feature a rare 17th century Indian Deed encompassing land later called Hyde Park and the Roosevelt estate; and an extremely rare leaf from one of the very first original printings by Benjamin Franklin. Plus Custer Battlefield relics and autographs by Frank James; and Pat Garrett.

American Finance features Confederate bonds, obsolete currency and stock certificates signed by Charles Dow, Henry Wells & William Fargo.

In Civil War is a rare West Point diploma signed by Robert E. Lee as superintendent; a war-date endorsement by Stonewall Jackson; DS by John Hunt Morgan; and a Georgia presentation flag. Plus a rare signed CDV by General Custer.

Lieutenant General Patton’s swagger stick and “Bull” Halsey’s naval flyer’s wings highlight our Military section.

There are aviation pioneers such as Lindbergh and astronauts. Scientists include Einstein and Edison.

We have English monarchs, Churchill, Franz Josef; Catherine the Great and Rasputin. Also Picasso and Disney; Tchaikovsky and Victor Herbert.

Literature features an autograph 1884 Devinne Press edition of Samuel Pepys’ diary, plus a DS by Ayn Rand.

Entertainment offers a variety of vintage and contemporary stars including Marilyn Monroe and an uncommon ISP of young John Wayne signing as “Duke,” plus the entire “Lucy” cast; Sinatra, Presley, and John Lennon.

We have a baseball signed by Ruth and Gehrig; boxers Jack Johnson and Marcel Cerdan; golfers Bobby Jones and Tiger Woods. And much more.
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ALBERT EINSTEIN: "BRIDGE BETWEEN JEWS AND ARABS"575. ALBERT EINSTEIN (1879-1955). German-born American physicist and Nobel laureate (1922), the most well-known 20th century scientist, using his influence to promote
0575: ALBERT EINSTEINEst. $3,500-$4,000See Sold Price
ALBERT EINSTEIN: 576. ALBERT EINSTEIN SP, b/w, 5¾"x3¾" standing portrait standing with Cuban officials, ca. 1930s. Boldly signed "A. Einstein" on back of photograph. Four tiny punctures away from his image and
0576: ALBERT EINSTEINEst. $1,800-$2,200See Sold Price
ALBERT EINSTEIN: 577. ALBERT EINSTEIN TLS "A. Einstein," 1p, 8½"x11", Princeton, Dec 21, 1949. On Institute for Advanced Study School of Mathematics letterhead in response to the editor of Physics Today. In full, "I
0577: ALBERT EINSTEINEst. $1,600-$1,900See Sold Price
ISAMBARD K. BRUNEL: 578. ISAMBARD K. BRUNEL (1806-1859). Inventor and engineer; designer and builder of railroads, bridges, tunnels, steamships, etc. He built Great Western, the first steamship for regular transatlantic
0578: ISAMBARD K. BRUNELEst. $100-$150See Sold Price
JEAN A. CHAPTAL: 579. JEAN A. CHAPTAL French chemist who named the element nitrogen in 1790; politician. Manuscript DS in French as Minister of the Interior, Paris, 1793. Untranslated. On official imprinted
0579: JEAN A. CHAPTALEst. $100-$200See Sold Price
SIR WILLIAM CROOKES: ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTS AT A SÉANCE580. SIR WILLIAM CROOKES (1832-1919). British chemist and physicist who discovered thallium (1861) invented the radiometer and studied cathode rays. ALS, 2pp,
0580: SIR WILLIAM CROOKESEst. $600-$800See Sold Price
LEE DE FOREST: "AID TO DEMOCRACY"581. LEE DE FOREST (1873-1961). American inventor; pioneer in wireless and often called the 'father of radio'; first to demonstrate sound in motion pictures (1923). ANS on card,
0581: LEE DE FORESTEst. $250-$350See Sold Price
JAMES DEWAR: 582. JAMES DEWAR (1842-1923). Scottish chemist and physicist best known for his work with low-temperature phenomena and was the first person to produce hydrogen in liquid form. He invented the Dewar
0582: JAMES DEWAREst. $150-$250Lot Passed
THOMAS A. EDISON: 'THE PATH OF GLORY LEADS BUT TO THE GRAVE'583. THOMAS A. EDISON (1847-1931). American inventor and entrepreneur, patenting over 1000 inventions during his lifetime, playing a critical role in
0583: THOMAS A. EDISONEst. $3,000-$4,000
See Sold Price
THOMAS A. EDISON: "EVERY TRIFLING DEFECT IS SHOWN UP"584. THOMAS A. EDISON TLS, 1p, 4to, Orange, NJ, Dec 7, 1915. Excellent content. On his "From the Laboratory of Thomas A. Edison" letterhead to John W. Lieb at New
0584: THOMAS A. EDISONEst. $3,000-$4,000See Sold Price
THOMAS A. EDISON: 585. THOMAS A. EDISON TDS, 2pp, 8"x11", West Orange, NJ, Feb 15, 1921. Minutes of a Board of Directors meeting of the Edison Storage Battery Garage, Inc., one of many companies the acclaimed inventor
0585: THOMAS A. EDISONEst. $800-$850See Sold Price
THOMAS A. EDISON: 586. THOMAS A. EDISON Partly printed DS, a bank check drawn on Edison Botanic Research Corporation account at Savings Investment & Trust Co., East Orange, NJ, n.d. Made payable to Western Union
0586: THOMAS A. EDISONEst. $800-$1,000See Sold Price
JOSEPH LISTER: 587. JOSEPH LISTER (1827-1912). English surgeon and medical scientist much influenced by Louis Pasteur; founder of antiseptic surgery. ALS, 1p, 12mo, London, Oct 30, 1890. Lister writes to W. P. Fox
0587: JOSEPH LISTEREst. $650-$750See Sold Price
SIR CHARLES LYELL: 588. SIR CHARLES LYELL (1797-1875). Scottish geologist regarded as father of modern geology. His Principles of Geology (1830-1833) that developed the theory of uniformitarianism, opposed the
0588: SIR CHARLES LYELLEst. $150-$250
See Sold Price
[MAYO BROTHERS]: 589. [MAYO BROTHERS] Physicians who founded the renowned Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Individually signed cards by CHARLES H. MAY (1865-1939) and WILLIAM J. MAYO (1861-1939), each 4¼"x2¾", ca. 1930.
0589: [MAYO BROTHERS]Est. $400-$600See Sold Price
HUDSON MAXIM: 590. HUDSON MAXIM (1853-1927). American explosives inventor of the first smokeless powder and a self-combustive compound to propel torpedoes. Soft cover edition of "The World's Verdict on Hudson
0590: HUDSON MAXIMEst. $200-$300See Sold Price
SAMUEL WILLISTON: 591. SAMUEL WILLISTON (1852-1918). American paleontologist and dipterist; professor of anatomy at Yale; founder and first dean of medical school of University of KS. He was especially known for study
0591: SAMUEL WILLISTONEst. $200-$300See Sold Price
CHARLES A. LINDBERGH: THE YOUNG NATIONAL HERO592. CHARLES A. LINDBERGH (1902-1974). American aviator and engineer who landed his single-engine monoplane at Le Bourget field near Paris in 1927 becoming the first person to
0592: CHARLES A. LINDBERGHEst. $1,400-$1,600
See Sold Price
[CHARLES LINDBERGH]: 593. [CHARLES LINDBERGH] Original unsigned Air Mail cover flown on the Spirit of St. Louis postmarked at St. Louis Feb 20, 1928 and imprinted with his name, bearing a stamp featuring his monoplane.
0593: [CHARLES LINDBERGH]Est. $100-$150See Sold Price
[CHARLES LINDBERGH]: 594. [CHARLES LINDBERGH] Original program, 4pp, 9½"x12½", for a dinner given in Colonel Lindbergh's honor by the City of Buffalo, Jul 29, 1927. Buffalo was one in his tour of 80 US cities soon
0594: [CHARLES LINDBERGH]Est. $100-$150See Sold Price
SIR JOHN BARROW: 595. SIR JOHN BARROW (1764-1848). British statesman and geographer after whom Point Barrow, the northernmost land point of the US was named; founder of Royal Geographical Society who encouraged
0595: SIR JOHN BARROWEst. $150-$250Lot Passed
CLARENCE CHAMBERLIN: 596. CLARENCE CHAMBERLIN (1893-1976). American aviator; pilot of the monoplane Columbia designed by Guiseppi Bellanca who flew a record nonstop flight from Roosevelt Field, NY, to Germany in 1927,
0596: CLARENCE CHAMBERLINEst. $100-$200See Sold Price
SAMUEL P. LANGLEY: 597. SAMUEL P. LANGLEY (1834-1906). American astronomer and aeronautical pioneer who built the first successful heavier-than-air flying machines. He directed the Smithsonian Institution from 1887 to
0597: SAMUEL P. LANGLEYEst. $200-$300See Sold Price
WILLIAM E. PARRY: 598. WILLIAM E. PARRY (1790-1855). British Arctic explorer who made unsuccessful attempts to find the Northwest Passage and to reach the North Pole, but succeeded in mapping much uncharted territory;
0598: WILLIAM E. PARRYEst. $100-$150See Sold Price