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(Union Civil War Model 1850 Staff & Field Officer's Sword with CSA Inscription to "Captain Richard Knightor CSA-For a Gallant Charge 1861" All Original and Guaranteed Originality RARE Presentation Sword & Scabbard. Imported by Josiah Lurch whose initials are on the sword's drag, RARE Non Regulation Model 1850 Union Officer's Sword, Silver Grips, Excellent Blade with Clear Engravings, Marked Ricasso with German Proofs ("Iron Proof" & Knight's Head), Brass Mtd. Scabbard, RARE Model 1850 Foot Officer's Sword with Original Brass Mtd. Leather Scabbard, Marked Collins & Co., Hartford, Conn. 1862 Tiffany Excellent Specimen (All these swords guaranteed authentic) (First of Many Auctions liquidating the Collection of the Who's Who The Museum of Lost Art & Other Collections) INDIAN ARTIFACTS: Part I of the Collection of the Who's Who The Museum of Lost Art & Other Collections (Dovetails 7 3/4" - 3", Adena Points 4 1/2" - 5 3/4", Lost Lake Points, Agate Basin Points 4"-5", Cobbs Triangular Knife 6 3/4", Adena Knife Blade 6 3/4", Cumberland Fossil Chert, 6 1/2" Clovis, Thebes E-Notched 3 5/8" -2 3/4", Thebes Beveled 4 1/8" - 3", Pentagonal Points, Flintridge Points, Adena Cache Blade, Paleo Cache Blade, Gem Points, Triangular Points, Drills, Four Birdstones, Bottle Bannerstone 4", Saddleback Bannerstone 2 3/4", Hourglass Bannerstone 4 1/2", Knobbed Lunate Bannerstone 5 3/8", 4 3/4" Gorget, Bird Effigy Preform Pipe, Discordal, Notched Hoe, 10" Spud, 7 1/4" Flared Celt, 10 1/2" Ceremonial Celt, 9 1/2"Tan Chert Spade, 3/4 Groove & Full Groove Axes, Cache Blades 6 3/4" - 4 1/4", Pestles, Shell Gorget, Flint Celts 6" - 3 1/2", Peace Medal Restricks from the 1920's-30's, Nodena Points, Trade Beads, Catlinite Necklace & Others, Vietzen Books 700 Plus books, Arapaho Basket with Lid, Arapaho Utility Basket & Others, Ancient Battle Ax, Trade Cross Hudson Bay " Cross of Lorraine" Style, Trade Cross French Triple Bar of Papal Style German Silver, Indian Pottery (Mississippi, Pre Columbian, Anastazi, Southwest, Etc.), Navaho Blanket, Plains Beaded Necklaces, Ceremonial Beaded Waist Sash, (Items from Collections of Vietzen, Townsend, Local Area Collections as well), Indian Baskets, Pipes (Quartzite & Calinite) & Much More.SWORDS/KNIVES: 1863 Civil War Emerson & Silver with NJ Inspector Marks Sword, British Grenadier Officer's George II or Earlier Ivory Grips Brass Hilt with Lion Head Pommel, RARE British Midshipman's Dagger Ivory Grips All Sterling Grip & Fillings, Engraved Ely, Meteorite Iron Blade, Early Kris Fighting Sword, Span-Am War Era Spanish Naval Cutlass, 1800's Fancy Spanish Sailor's Knife, 1840's Staghorn Bowie Knife, 1860's Frontier Knife, Vintage Hunting Knives, 1893 Bowie Hunting Knife, Arabian Jambiya Silver Pommel & Scabbard, Arabic Marked Dagger 9" Curved Blade with Rosewood Grips, Small Burmese Knife 9" Blade with Ivory Grips, Miniature Malay Kris Meteorite Blade with Carved Wooden Grips & Sheath, Malay Dagger with Rosewood Grips and Ivory & Silver Inserts, Spanish American War Philippine Bolo 13" & 17" Blade with Rosewood Grips & Silver Ferrule, Carved Ivory Grip with Polar Bear Eskimo Knife/Sheath, Malay Dagger Ebony Grips 6 1/2", 8" & 6" Meteorite Iron Blade 18th Century, Collector Pen Knives, 1889-1989 Case 100th Anniversary Knife, Japanese Tanto Ivory Grips & Sheath Nicely engraved with Fancy Dragons & Others, WWII German Naval Officer's Dagger by Eichorn, WWII German Dress Bayonet, Philippine Bolo 11" Blade Wood Grips & Scabbard, Marble Sheath Knife, Engraved Presentation Sword, Early Brass Handle Broad Sword, Camellias Folding Machete, Reenactment Civil War Swords & Bayonets & Much More. CIVIL WAR: Civil War Period Epaulets, Pair of Civil War Colonel's Shoulder Straps, Three Different Single Officers Shoulder Straps ( Two are Full Colonel's and One Lt. Colonel,1863 Confederate States of America, Civil War Soldier Tintype in a Thermoplastic Case, 1863 Civil War Discharge, Civil War Straight Razor, Three Unissued Confederate States of America Checks, 1864 General Orders from Headquarters 1st Brigade, May 1st, 1864 Civil War Application for Payment Dec. 1st., Civil War 1864 Pay Document, 1864 Quarterly Return of ordinance and Ordinance Stores, 1864 Muster-Out Roll for Pvt. William Martini, $1000 War Bond, Statement of Volunteer Bounty Enlistment 1865, Pre Civil War Drum Hook, Civil War Scapel, Civil War Book Collection & Much More. WWI/WWII: WWII Japanese Enlisted Man's Visor Cap, WWI US Navy Hats & Accessories & Much More. ART: Western Painting by Bob McNeil, Indian Princess Painting by Eliza Herman, Indian Chief Drawing Signed by Artist & Much More. MISC.: Silver Atocha Coins, Powder Horns, Luristan Bronze Short Sword & Spear, Originallate 18th Century Lock for Flintlock Pistol, Powder Flasks Shell Designs & Others, Mid Eastern Powder Horn (Silver Mounted Buffalo Horn), 1880 British Enfield Bayonet, Bear Trap Made in Montana, Bullet Molds ( Colt Type 36 Cal. & Colt Type 36 Cal. Double Cavity), US Bayonet 4570 with Scabbard, Western Stirrups, Photograph of Three Men Wearing Fighting Clothes and Putting on Fight & Much More. SPORTS MEMORABILIA: Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio & Ted Williams Autographed Baseball with Authenticity.
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