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ANDREY LOZOVOY "Magic ink": Date of the work: 1989; oil; cardboard; 70x69 cm (in frame 80x9x5 cm); About artist: Andrey Lozovoy is a master of avant-garde art. His paintings are monuments of Expressionism and unique. He was
0001: ANDREY LOZOVOY "Magic ink"Est. €1,500-€2,500Lot Passed
YURII KOVALENKO "Fairy-tale motif": Date of the work: 1993; oil, plywood; 44x32 cm (in frame 53x41x5 cm).
0002: YURII KOVALENKO "Fairy-tale motif"Est. €1,400-€2,500Lot Passed
NAZAR BILYK "Capacities": Date of the work: 2018; bas-relief, polymeric material; 70x70 cm.
0003: NAZAR BILYK "Capacities"Est. €5,000-€7,000Lot Passed
GETA SERGEY "Man. Woman": Date of the work: 1974; Paper, felt-tip pen, ink, watercolor; 15x14 cm; The work is framed: 44x40x2,2 cm in frame. About artist: Geta Sergey (born 1951) is a Ukrainian and Russian artist. Born in
0004: GETA SERGEY "Man. Woman"Est. €1,000-€1,700Lot Passed
MANETSKY OREST "Eye": Date of the work:2018; Oil on canvas; 150x150 cm; The work is not framed. Concept of work: https://vimeo.com/339425453 About artist: MANETSKY OREST (b. 1992). Was born in Lviv, Ukraine. "Elements of
0005: MANETSKY OREST "Eye"Est. €3,000-€5,000Lot Passed
KECHEDZHI ALEXANDER "Regatta": Date of the work: 1960s; Oil on canvas; 60x106 cm; The work is framed. About artist: KECHEDZHI ALEXANDER born April 1, 1918 in Mariupol in an ordinary labor family. Since childhood he liked to paint,
0006: KECHEDZHI ALEXANDER "Regatta"Est. €3,500-€6,000Lot Passed
AHRANOVSKA SVITLANA "Little boxes 2": Date of the work: 2018; Series of three abstract oil paintings; 80x100 cm, 50x40 cm, 50x40 cm; Oil on canvas; The work is not framed. About artist: Ahranovska Svitlana born in 1985 in Dnipro,
0007: AHRANOVSKA SVITLANA "Little boxes 2"Est. €1,600-€3,500Lot Passed
ANTONIUK OLEKSANDR "Windmills": Date of the work: 2016; Abstract landscape; Oil on canvas; 110x150 cm; The work is framed - 116x156 in frame. About artist: ANTONIUK OLEKSANDR (b. 1994) Born in Dnipro, Ukraine. In 2012 he graduated
0008: ANTONIUK OLEKSANDR "Windmills"Est. €2,500-€5,000Lot Passed
GUDZYKEVYCH ANTON "Red Spain": Date of the work: 2015; Abstract landscape; Acrylic on canvas; 30x100 cm; The work is framed- 36x106 in frame; About artist: GUDZYKEVYCH ANTON (b. 1987)Born in Yalta. Graduated from National Academy
0009: GUDZYKEVYCH ANTON "Red Spain"Est. €1,700-€3,500Lot Passed
ZHALOBNIUK STANISLAV "[Nu]": Date of the work: 2010; Mixed media collage on plywood; 50x37 cm; The work is framed - 60x47 in frame; About artist: ZHALOBNIUK STANISLAV (b. 1976) Born in Odessa. Since 1998 has participated in
0010: ZHALOBNIUK STANISLAV "[Nu]"Est. €2,500-€3,500Lot Passed
ZAREMBA OLGA "Eidos": Date of the work: 2018; Canvas, mixed media; 200x185 cm; The work is not framed; About artist: ZAREMBA OLGA (b. 1994) Born in Dnipro, Ukraine. She graduated the National Academy of Fine Arts and
0011: ZAREMBA OLGA "Eidos"Est. €6,000-€10,000Lot Passed
KUZMIN VITALII "L-shaped move": Date of the work: 2002; Oil on canvas; 50x50 cm; The work is framed - 56x56 in frame. KUZMIN VITALII (b. 1973) Born, lives and works in Odessa. Majority of his works is dedicated to his native city.
0013: KUZMIN VITALII "L-shaped move"Est. €1,800-€2,500Lot Passed
RADKO VOLODYMYR "Red angel": Date of the work: 2009; Oil on canvas; 55x35 cm; The work is framed - 71x51 in frame; About artist: RADKO VOLODYMYR (b. 1951) Ukrainian painter and graphic artist. Born in Mezhyrichchya village.
0014: RADKO VOLODYMYR "Red angel"Est. €1,700-€3,000Lot Passed
KUZMENKO VICTOR "Cove": Date of the work: 2009; Oil on carton; 60x65x3,5 cm; The work is framed - 66x65 in frame; About artist: KUZMENKO VICTOR (b. 1939) Born in Sysoivka, Primorsky Krai (Russia). The artist is a member of
0016: KUZMENKO VICTOR "Cove"Est. €1,200-€1,700Lot Passed
CHEBOTARU ANDRIY "Dubrovnik. Croatia": Date of the work: 2012; Oil on canvas; 60x80 cm; The work is framed; 64x84x4,5 cm in the frame; About artist: CHEBOTARU ANDRIY (b. 1984) Born in Sevastopol in artistic family. The artist is a member
0017: CHEBOTARU ANDRIY "Dubrovnik. Croatia"Est. €1,200-€1,700Lot Passed
PRONKINA OLENA "White hole": Date of the work: 2019; Oil on canvas; 100x150 cm; The work is not framed; About artist: PRONKINA OLENA (b. 1998) In 2013 she graduated from the Boychuk Kyiv State Institute of Decorative-Applied Art
0019: PRONKINA OLENA "White hole"Est. €3,000-€4,000Lot Passed
KUBLYK MYKHAILO "Flower still-life": Date of the work: 1991; Oil on canvas; 100x85x5 cm; Flower still-life; The work is framed - 121x116 in frame; About artist: KUBLYK MYKHAILO (b. 1948) Born in Dnipropetrovsk. Member of the National
0020: KUBLYK MYKHAILO "Flower still-life"Est. €2,400-€3,000Lot Passed
DULFAN DMYTRO "Landscape": Date of the work: 2013; Oil on canvas; 80x105,5x4 cm; Sea landscape; The work is framed. About artist: DULFAN DMYTRO (b. 1971)Ukrainian painter, graphic artist, author of light sculptures, objects,
0021: DULFAN DMYTRO "Landscape"Est. €1,700-€2,000Lot Passed
VOLOSHYNOVA TETIANA "Dance V": Date of the work: 2001; Oil on canvas; 90x100x3 cm; Abstract oilpainting; The work is not framed; About artist: VOLOSHYNOVA TETIANA The artist was born in 1973 in Kirovograd. She is a member of the
0022: VOLOSHYNOVA TETIANA "Dance V"Est. €1,800-€2,300Lot Passed
GREBENIUK OLGA "Bulrush": Date of the work: 2011; Oil on canvas; 80x120x5 cm; The work is framed - 94x134 in frame; About artist: GREBENIUK OLGA (b. 1980) Born in Kyiv. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.
0023: GREBENIUK OLGA "Bulrush"Est. €3,500-€5,000Lot Passed
BAUER VOLODYMYR "Red regatta": Date of the work: 1998; Oil on canvas; 50x65x5 cm; Abstract landscape; The work is framed - 70x85 in frame; About artist: BAUER VOLODYMYR (b. 1949) Born in Dzerzynsk. Graduate from Rostov art college
0024: BAUER VOLODYMYR "Red regatta"Est. €1,200-€2,000Lot Passed