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DoneJan 31, 2010 8:20 AM EST
Panama City, FL, United States
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Atwater Estate Antiques and Collectibles

Gordon Atwater, petroleum pioneer, was a collector of note having lived in New Orleans, LA, and Panama City, FL. His work drew him to the Northern United States and out of the Country. The sale includes beautiful 19th Century furniture,Gulbransen grand piano, colorful Cambridge Statuesque glasses, covered milkglass dishes, Hummels, Boehm bird plates, Cybis, silver, spool bed, vintage books, Italian terra cotta figures, etageres, cut glass, wood carvings, large bisque figurines, furs, Oriental rugs, antique oak wall phones, large cuckoo clock, Oriental rugs, fire screen, Eisenberg jewelry, art collection.
Lot Number: Lowest
CYBIS DUCK FIGURINE: Cybis Duck Figurine #421 On Wood Base, 9 "T.
0001: CYBIS DUCK FIGURINEEst. $125-$350See Sold Price
2 JACK IN THE PULPIT VASES: 2 Jack In The Pulpit Green Fenton Glass Vases w/ Rippled Rims & Pontils, 5.5 & 5.75" T.
0002: 2 JACK IN THE PULPIT VASESEst. $40-$60
See Sold Price
LIMOGES SIGNED PLATE: Limoges France Coronet Porcelain Plate, Bird In Flight, Signed, Serpentine Edge, 10.5"D.
0003: LIMOGES SIGNED PLATEEst. $25-$50
See Sold Price
CERAMIC DECANTER: Ceramic Teapot Shaped Decanter Painted Yellow w/ Indian Corn At Top, Brown Handle & Spout, Cork Stopper, 7.5"T.
0004: CERAMIC DECANTEREst. $15-$30
See Sold Price
10 GOLD RIM CORDIALS: 10 Delicate Trumpet Shaped Crystal Cordials w/Gold Rims, Gold Bands w/Leaf Design, 4.25"T
0005: 10 GOLD RIM CORDIALSEst. $50-$100
See Sold Price
CELESTIAL MUSICIAN HUMMEL: Celestial Musician Hummel, Trademark 4, Foil Sticker Geyer Heidelberg Sofienstr., W. Goebel, Made In Western Germany, 7"T.
0006: CELESTIAL MUSICIAN HUMMELEst. $45-$65See Sold Price
CANTERBURY: Wood Canterbury w/Decorative Edge, 15.25"W X 17.25"T.
0007: CANTERBURYEst. $25-$35See Sold Price
4 FRENCH PORCELAIN OYSTER PLATES: 4 Porcelain Oyster Plates, Made In France By MR, 9"L.
See Sold Price
CUT GLASS VASE: Cut Glass Trumpet Shaped Vase, w/Starburst Pattern & Striae Base, 9.75"T.
0009: CUT GLASS VASEEst. $25-$45See Sold Price
TRAY TABLE BASE: Carved Tray Table Base, Foldable, 17"T.
0010: TRAY TABLE BASEEst. $30-$50
See Sold Price
DECORATIVE COPPER TRAY: Decorative Copper Tray w/Egyptian Ship Motif, Hook For Wall Hanging, 16"D.
0011: DECORATIVE COPPER TRAYEst. $20-$40See Sold Price
WOOD CARVED MADONNA & CHILD: Wood Carved Madonna & Child, Marked M.K.Kaslatter, Painted, 7.25"T.
0012: WOOD CARVED MADONNA & CHILDEst. $75-$150
See Sold Price
2 GLASS EGG PLATES: 2 Glass Egg Plates w/Hobnail Underside, 11.25"W.
0013: 2 GLASS EGG PLATESEst. $15-$25See Sold Price
FRAMED LANDSCAPE LITHOGRAPH: Landscape Lithograph, Sight 5" X 8", Framed 14" X 17".
0014: FRAMED LANDSCAPE LITHOGRAPHEst. $25-$45See Sold Price
PAIR MILKGLASS SWANS: Pair Milkglass Swan Dishes, 5"L.
0016: PAIR MILKGLASS SWANSEst. $20-$30See Sold Price
MINK HAT: Mink Hat w/Fabric Band, Made For Miss May, New York By Gus Mayer Co., 13"D Brim.
0017: MINK HATEst. $50-$75
See Sold Price
SILVERPLATE CANDELABRUM: 4 Arm Quadruple Silverplate Candelabrum w/Center Candlestick w/Removable Finial, 4 Removable Inserts To Accommodate Wider Candles, Made In Bedford Mass. By Pairpoint Mfg. Co., 11"T.
0018: SILVERPLATE CANDELABRUMEst. $20-$40See Sold Price
WOOD FRAMED, SIGNED OIL ON CANVAS: Wood Framed, Signed Oil On Canvas Nuns & Doves, 28.5"T X 23.5"W.
0019: WOOD FRAMED, SIGNED OIL ON CANVASEst. $30-$40See Sold Price
NUDE BOOK END: Nude Bookend On Marble Base, Brass Color, Girl Reading Book, Marked JB for Jennings Brothers, Casting #8036, 9"T.
0020: NUDE BOOK ENDEst. $25-$50
See Sold Price
ROYAL DOULTON CORONET BONE CHINA: Royal Doulton Coronet Bone China Inc. 8 Dinner Plates, 6 Salads, 6 Bread & Butter, 6 Saucers, 2 Cups, & Serving Platter, 16"L.
0021: ROYAL DOULTON CORONET BONE CHINAEst. $20-$40See Sold Price
EASTLAKE STYLE BOOKCASE: Eastlake Style 5-Shelf Bookcase w/Carved Sides & Back Rails, 57"T.
0022: EASTLAKE STYLE BOOKCASEEst. $200-$400See Sold Price
TEXTURED GLASS WATER PITCHER: Textured Glass Water Pitcher, 5.25"D X 6.75" T.
0023: TEXTURED GLASS WATER PITCHEREst. $20-$30See Sold Price
SWISS MUSICAL HORN: Swiss Musical Horn w/Handpainted Native Flowers & Swiss Flag, Mouthpiece At End, 15"L
0024: SWISS MUSICAL HORNEst. $20-$30See Sold Price