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VintageToy Joy Center 6 Vending MachinesPositively No Smoking or Open Lights Allowed Porcelain SignEphemera HEARTH AND HOME July 6, 1872 to December 28 1872 back issues bound antiquarian
Newfield, NJ, United States
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Ridge Avenue Farmers Market Antiques

Ridge Avenue Farmers' Market was a historic farmers' market building located in the Francisville neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was built in 1875, and was a one-story brick and brownstone building with basement. It was an irregular rectangular shape, measuring 92 feet by 262 feet. The Market was built in 1875. One of the founding members was Grant Webster. After his death, the management of the Market was assumed by his son, Harold J. Webster. Harold managed the Market until it closed in the 1970?s. This Auction brings to you some of the contents of the Ridge Avenue Farmer's Market and items from the Webster Family Estate. The Extraordinary Movie Poster Collection comes from a private collector who worked in the Film Industry.
Lot Number: Lowest
Willow Grove Park Sign: Willow Grove Park Sign/ Metal Enamel Porcelain Sign with Refective Material in very good condition with lovely patina, not very refective with age
0001: Willow Grove Park SignEst. $200-$500
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Cast Iron Scotty Dog Door Stop: Cast Iron Scotty Dog Door Stop
0005: Cast Iron Scotty Dog Door StopEst. $125-$225Lot Passed
Three Porcelain Pieces: Three Porcelain Pieces
0007: Three Porcelain PiecesEst. $25-$75Lot Passed
Red Wing Art Pottery Vase: Red Wing Art Pottery Vase
0010: Red Wing Art Pottery VaseEst. $100-$250Lot Passed
Asian / Oriental style vase: Asian / Oriental style vase
0011: Asian / Oriental style vaseEst. $150-$500
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Royal China International: Royal China International Glazed
0012: Royal China InternationalEst. $25-$75Lot Passed
Two Porcelain Light Shades: Two Porcelain Light Shades Dark Green Color
0013: Two Porcelain Light ShadesEst. $50-$125Lot Passed
1872 Rules for Teachers Framed Poster: 1873 Rules for Teachers Framed Poster, Copyright 1974
0018: 1872 Rules for Teachers Framed PosterEst. $25-$75
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No 181 Stanley Plane: No 181 Stanley Plane
0022: No 181 Stanley PlaneEst. $15-$40
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Miller Falls No 56B Plane: Miller Falls No 56B Plane
0024: Miller Falls No 56B PlaneEst. $20-$40
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