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DoneApr 27, 2022 4:16 AM EDT
Walnut, CA, United States
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Private Asian Collections April Sale

After couple month's preparations, we are happy to announce Private Asian Collections April Sale at the end month. Walnut Tree Auction House will provide over 500 lots of Asian Antiques and Artworks sourced from various private collectors around the world. A,J. Ducoing (1851-1934) was a New Orleans merchant and a private antiques collector. Born in a local noble family in New Orleans, Mr. Ducoing studied art from an early age. Mr Ducoing's involvement with Chinese art began in the 1880s. In the time of 1870s, many Asians entered and appeared on the streets of New Orleans, and the first Chinatown in the history of New Orleans had taken its shape. Visiting Chinatown became an instant trend for residents. Chinese antique shops, such as Yut Sing, appeared on Royal Street, attracting many New Orleans citizens. Mr. Ducoing was no exception, he frequented them, and was fascinated by the exotic antiques and treasures. While working with his father on family matters, he made friends with a group of Chinese antique dealers, learned to appreciate Chinese art and began his collecting career. With the strong financial support and the great passion for Chinese art, Mr. Ducoing acquired a fabulous collection of Chinese antiques. In the August 1934, Mr. Ducoing made his last will and testament that his stepsister, Mrs. Garvey, inherited all his estate and possessions. Fortunately, Mrs. Garvey has contributed the important art works in this auction. We look forward to seeing you, and hope you find your favorites.
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