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Coins, Great Britain, Charles II (1660-1685),Medals, Great Britain, Elizabeth II (1952-),Medals, Great Britain, Elizabeth II (1952-),
Essex, England, United Kingdom
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Coins and Medals - Timed Auction

This is a timed auction, commencing with lot 1. You will be able to place bids from 12 noon on Friday 8 April and the auction will close in sequential order from 6pm on Monday 18 April.
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Coins, Great Britain & World,: Coins, Great Britain & World, a collection including assorted ancient coins such as an Alexander Drachm, a Parthia Drachm, a Lucania Stater, a Trajan Denarius, a Procilius Denarius and more
0018: Coins, Great Britain & World,Est. £4,000-£6,000Lot Closed
Ancient Coins, Roman,: Ancient Coins, Roman, a collection of silver, bronze and copper coins icluding examples from the reign of Hadrian, Carinus, Galerius, Trajan, Salonina etc.e
0019: Ancient Coins, Roman,Est. £80-£120Lot Closed
Ancient coins,: Ancient coins, a collection of predominately Greek and Roman coins to include a Valerian Denarius, an Antoninus Denarius together with assorted other coins, some coins are reproductions
0020: Ancient coins,Est. £400-£600Lot Closed
Ancient coins, Roman,: Ancient coins, Roman, a collection of silver and bronze coins including Carracalla, Tetricus, Theodora etc
0020A: Ancient coins, Roman,Est. £60-£80Lot Closed