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Custom Gold Leopard Necklace with Diamonds, Emeralds  [122814]Tiffany "American Indian" Desk Set  (7 items)  w/RARE Pen Tray!  [141522]Original Levi Strauss and other mining-themed trade cards  [148469]
Reno, NV, United States
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Western Americana Auction April 2022 Day 2

Day 2 - Friday, April 22 Lots 2000-2637 Jewelry (2000-2017) Attire (2018-2041) Miscellaneous Collectibles (2042-2114) Bottles (2115-2119) Toys (2120-2130) Circus (2131-2135) Gaming (2136-2147) Liquor (2148-2167) Tobacciana (2168-2179) Menus (2180-2195) Entertainment Industry (2196-2224) Sports (2225-2258) Calendars (2259-2266) Advertisement (2267-2333) Autographs (2334-2336) Photography (2337-2387) Maps (2388-2419) Transportation (2420-2457) Military (2458-2494) Firearms & Weapons (2495-2502) General Americana Geographically Sorted (2503-2637)
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Display Case [148046]: Wooden display case with locking glass front. 58 inches wide, 26 inches tall, 6 inches deep. With locking keys at top and brass accents at the corners. City: State: Date:
2052: Display Case [148046]Est. $100-$200Lot Passed
Flour and Sugar Cloth Sacks, New [148506]: About 20 unused cloth sacks for flour, sugar, milk and sporting goods pouches, in various sizes. City: State: Date:
2054: Flour and Sugar Cloth Sacks, New [148506]Est. $120-$200
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Fountain Pens - 12 [146441]: The days of writing by hand with style and flourish are not dead, and you can express yourself with fluidly with this set of a dozen fountain pens. Five have the squeeze bladder inside that sucks up
2055: Fountain Pens - 12 [146441]Est. $100-$200
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Hand Woven Green Oriental Rug [147369]: Indian style Bijar green wool rug, 47x47" City: State: Date:
2059: Hand Woven Green Oriental Rug [147369]Est. $200-$400
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Pencils - 10 [146440]: Ten auto-pencils, you know the type -- twist the barrel and the pencil lead extends so you can keep right on writing. One even has a fountain pen on the opposite end. Some have add copy or names like
2062: Pencils - 10 [146440]Est. $100-$150Lot Passed