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Marc Chagall Moses - 1979 lithograph signed & numberedJUDAICA.Moroccan Menorah (Hanukiya). with copperBanksy, Walled Off Hotel Box Set, 2019 with orig. Inv.
Rishon Le Zion, Israel, Israel
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JUDAICA.Moroccan Menorah (Hanukiya). with copper: An ancient Menorah from Morocco 1920s. Handmade for the Abuhatzira family by a local artist from Casablanca.size: 81 H x 66 w cm.
0001: JUDAICA.Moroccan Menorah (Hanukiya). with copperEst. $2,500-$3,000
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David Yarrow, Alaska 2017: Photographer: David Yarrow is a British fine-art photographer, conservationist, and author. The subjects of his photography include sport stars, world-renowned models, wildlife, indigenous
0024A: David Yarrow, Alaska 2017Est. $400-$800Lot Passed