Elegant Certified Lab Diamond Fine Jewelry 2022-04-26 Auction - 820 Price Results - Golden Air Auctions in CA
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1 1/2 ctw Round Diamond Four Stone Fashion Pendant with Adjustable Chain 14K Rose Gold3 ctw Round Diamond Graduated Inside Out Hoop Earrings 14K Yellow Gold2 1/2 ctw Oval Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Platinum
Redondo Beach, CA, United States
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Elegant Certified Lab Diamond Fine Jewelry

If you're in the market for affordable and elegant Fine Jewelry set with lab grown diamonds, we can help you. Lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds look the same to the naked eye, there are certainly differences at the microscopic and molecular levels. These differences are hard to catch and usually require expensive equipment even for the most experienced gemologist. Using a jewelry loupe, lab created diamonds are nearly impossible to differentiate from natural diamonds. Lab created diamonds may exhibit different trace elements than natural diamonds that do not affect the appearance of the diamond. Lab created diamonds can be distinguished from natural diamonds only with tests using specialized equipment. Lab created diamonds available for purchase should always come with a gem certification identifying them as laboratory grown. Both natural and lab grown diamonds are formed from carbon and trace amounts of other gases. The physical properties of the two types of diamonds are identical as well, except for some microscopic differences. Optically, the two types of diamonds are the same. Both types of diamonds are measured according to what industry professionals call the four Cs ? cut, color, clarity and carat, where carat refers to weight. There is much variation among mined diamonds in these categories, and there is much variation among lab-created diamonds in these categories. But there is no meaningful variation between mined and lab-grown diamonds in these categories.
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1 ctw Round Diamond Wedding Band 14K Yellow Gold: Lab Grown 1 ctw Round Diamond Wedding Band 14K Yellow Gold Style: Channel Set Wedding Band Total Carat Weight: 1 ctw Centerstone Carat Wt: 0.10 Centerstone Count: 10 Diamond Color: E+
6011: 1 ctw Round Diamond Wedding Band 14K Yellow GoldEst. $1,120-$1,700
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