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Moon Shots: Space photography 1950-1999

From iconic photographs of the early rocket launches to documenting man's first footsteps on the Lunar surface, this collection of 327 photographs offers a wide-ranging view of the Golden Age of space exploration. Spanning the 1950s, with the launch of Atlas, to the late 1990s, with images capturing the beauty of Saturn's rings, Moon Shots: Space photography 1950-1999 offers an exciting panorama of one of the most important scientific stories in history. Among the most evocative photographs are shots of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepping foot on the moon for the first time and the first untethered space flight. The sale is led by Buzz Aldrin's gold-plated visor reflects the photographer and the LM Eagle taken by fellow astronaut, Neil Armstrong, on the lunar surface during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969. Arguably one of the most recognisable photographs from space exploration, this photograph has the sought-after red NASA number and Kodak paper watermarks, and captures Aldrin posed against the backdrop of an empty, vast lunar landscape. IMPORTANT NOTICE Collection of property and shipping property to and from certain destinations is currently being impacted by the Coronavirus. Collection or shipment of your purchase will commence when circumstances permit. Quotes issued and expected delivery dates may be subject to change and there may be delays to the fulfilment of your shipment. Christie's is monitoring the situation and will keep you informed should circumstances relating to your quote and/or shipment change. .
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