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500: Large Jade dragon Incense burner
512: Dragon & Fu Dog Incense Burner 536A: Persian Hand Woven Pure Silk Rug
Hollywood, FL, United States
DoneAug 20, 2011 5:30 PM UTC

Vintage Asian,Antiques,Silk Rugs,Jade,Bronze

$10 Million Collection
4ft Monumental Jade Carvings
4ft Monumental Bone/Horn/Ivory
3ft Monumental Cloisonne Works
$1 Million Authentic Silk Persian/Chinese/Kashmir Rugs
(100's) Jade/Bone/Horn/Malachite Hardstone Artworks/Bronzes
(100's) Pieces of Porcelain Folk Art/Enamel Work/Textiles
(100's) of Collectible Clocks