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An important chinese antique emperor dragon silk embroidery clothAn important chinese antique qing dynasty dragon theme porcelain plaqueA pair of fabulous chinese antique qing dynasty iron red lion and floral theme square shaped
Foothill Ranch, CA, United States
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PT.2 IMPORTANT Chinese Antique/Estate Auction

California, also known as the "Golden State'', home to Hollywood's stars, Silicon Valley's technology, Napa Valley's wines, ancient Redwood, Sequoia forests and antique collectors from all over the world. Many successful people decided to stay in this fancy and populated state and cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco. Many also brought their unique, gorgeous artworks from their culture. Since the 16th century, trade has enhanced the import of porcelain, art, and antiques from all over the world. J&L Unity Auction House has a professional team in LA, collecting from large estates and funded by hundreds of private collectors, movie stars and well known business owners. Most antiques survived through wars and disturbances of their original country. Some of them were wrapped by newspapers which were published more than 100 years ago and put in the attic by the owner?s parents from the 1920?s, and never been touched until their grandchildren managed the property. When the wrappers were removed, the newspaper collapsed into crumbs and into the air while the porcelain still shines with its unique beauty. Most of the items in this auction are from Hollywood estates and famous Hollywood stars. We will include information about their stories, values, and additional information. To all J&L Unity families and friends, what are you waiting for? Join our biggest end of the year auction now.
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A chinese floral cinnabar table stand: chinese floral cinnabar table stand; 27.75" x 17.5" x 8", with slight damage
0168: A chinese floral cinnabar table standEst. $1,000-$2,000
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