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156: Pr. Julius Cohen 18K gold and GIA diamond earrings
190: Royal Vienna style porcelain and gilt-wood table,194: Linke heart-shaped kingwood veneered vitrine table
Dallas, TX, United States
DoneWed, Oct 5, 2011 11:00 PM UTC

Estate Jewelry, Antiques, & Fine Art

Our best selection of high end estate jewelry, mostly from a single estate in South Texas, including four magnificient Tiffany & Co. sets containing diamonds, sapphires, golden beryl, aquamarine, and rubies, Van Cleff & Arpels, David Webb, Julius Cohen, and much more, paintings by Le Pho, Vu Cao Dam, Tibor Boromisza, Elisee Maclet, Walter Emerson Baum, Frants Roubaud, Wladyslaw Hemielinski, Felix Wygrzywalski, William Mellor, a nice selection of porcelains including Meissen, KPM, Sevres style and Royal Vienna style,antique furniture, sterling silver and much more.