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John august Swanson" the Washing of the Feet"William Curtis Botanical MagazineAbraham and Isaac French Tapestry C 1770
Huntington, IN, United States
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Hellman Collection of Fine Art & Rare Books

SAMPLING OF ITEMS SELLING: Lithograph by Chagall, Marc From Illustrations for the Bible..., Botanical MagazineS By William Curtis. Vol. 1 1790 Vol. 2 1788 second addition of vol. 1 but 1st addition of vol. 2 AND y William Curtis. Vol 3 1792 and vol. 4 1791 First publication of vol. 3 This is also the 2nd publication of vol. 3, but the first publication of vol. 4......"Verve: The Ultimate Review of Art and Literature" 1937-1960 Published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc New York.........The Israel Sketchbooks by Hans, Erni........." The Washing of the Feet" Serigraph by John August Swanson . 169/200 June 2000.......Holy Roman Empire Brass Alms Plate
Lot Number: Lowest
Not titled: Akintola, Abiola Cubist Woman with Violin medium oil
0002: Not titledEst. $750-$1,500
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William Curtis Botanical Magazine: By William Curtis. Vol. 1 1790 Vol. 2 1788 second addition of vol. 1 but 1st addition of vol. 2 Each volume is a collection of three plants each month of the year. engraved by the leading artists
0003: William Curtis Botanical MagazineEst. $2,500-$4,500Lot Passed
Verve Vol. 1 No. 1 Dec 1937: Director, E Teriade. Cover composed by Henri Matisse, especially for Verve. All four lithographs designed and published for this volume are present: The four elements: water, by Fernand Leger; Air
0006: Verve Vol. 1 No. 1 Dec 1937Est. $600-$800Lot Passed
Milon by Sugmund Widmer 1972: Illustrated by Han Erni with four origin double-paged lithographs and a drawing by himon the front of the title page. Signed and dated by him. 8-5-82 This book is numbered 33 of 380
0008B: Milon by Sugmund Widmer 1972Est. $1,200-$1,600Lot Passed
Luigi Kasimir: Colored engraving. Signed and dated with the location " bad Castem 29 Mai 1943" Plate h - 18 1/2 x 13 1/2"
0011: Luigi KasimirEst. $500-$1,400Lot Passed
Sadao Watanabe 1913-1996 Nativity: Watanabe was an apprentice of Serizawa Keisuke who was recognized by the Japanese government as a national treasure.. This piece is hand signed and dated 1982 with chop mark. Plate size showing - H 9
0012B: Sadao Watanabe 1913-1996 NativityEst. $350-$475
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Corita Kent 1918-1986 "U": U is for US. Red and White Signed Corita. Not numbered but signed Corita Among a series of prints of the letters of the alphabet of which this piece is a part of.
0013B: Corita Kent 1918-1986 "U"Est. $750-$1,200Lot Passed
Yang Yongsheng " Lake at a Far": # 3 out of 20, 1999 Signed , numbered and dated by the artist in pencil. Oil reduction wood block print ( printed in oil based inks)
0014: Yang Yongsheng " Lake at a Far"Est. $750-$1,200Lot Passed
Russian Orthodox Icon ( Triptych): Bronze depicts Mary mother of god, Jesus and John the baptist. Russian orthodox Icon Triptych Bronze/ Brass Open W 16" x 6 1/2 H
0017: Russian Orthodox Icon ( Triptych)Est. $1,200-$1,500Lot Passed
Chinese wood carving: Man holding a basket and a rod in the other hand. there is a crack in the base.
0019: Chinese wood carvingEst. $75-$125Lot Passed