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Hampton, VA, United States
DoneSun, Sep 18, 2005 2:00 PM GMT

Norfolk Estate Auction

PHOEBUS AUCTION GALLERY presents TWO DAY ESTATE AUCTION SUNDAY, SEPT. 18, & SEPT. 25, 11:00 AM Daily September 18th Auction Furniture: 3 pc. Rosewood Carved Parlor Set, Marquetry Inlaid 19th C. Tables, Golden Oak Carved High Bed, Rosewood British Colonial Desk, Victorian Marble Topped Dresser w/ Mirror, Marquetry Inlaid Corner Cabinet, Set 8 Q.A. Mahog. Chairs, Northwind Settee, Drop Leaf Tables, Rosewood Dragon Chair, M.T. Victorian Commode, American Empire Library Table. Marble Top Bouillotte, French Tea Table, Gilt Carved Marble Top Center Table, Ball/Claw Foot Mahog. Writing Table, Louis Phillippe 1840 Desk, Pr. Cannonball Twin Beds, 19th C. Oak China Press, Cherry Table, Ball/Claw Desk, Mahog. Breakfront, 19th C. Scottish Pine Server, Baronial Arm Chair, 19th C. Bookcase Sec’y w/ carved Handles, Coromandel Screens, Pr. Mahog. Corner Cabinets, Superb Berkey & Gay Carved Figural China, Spiral Turned Dining Chairs, Round Oak Paw foot Table, Louis Xvi Dressing Table, Painted Furn., Eastlake Dresser, Oak Curved China/paw Feet, Oak Carved Corner Cabinet, Ornate Gold Framed Mirrors, Carved Altar, More. Sterling Silver:6 Pc. Tea Set including Sterling Tray, Silver & Tortoise Shell Cigarette Box, Set 10 Sherbets w/ Crystal inserts, Birmingham Teapot, Sugar, Creamer, Inkwell, 5 pc. Chatelaine on Ring, Tiffany Award Charger, Webster Basket, 18th C. Scofield Hot Water Kettle on Stand (gorgeous), Manchester Basket, 7" Plates, Napkin Rings, Rogers & Wallace Cream & Sugar Sets, Baby Cups, Gorham Tidbit, Dresser Jar & Center Bowl. Other Metals: Sil. Plate Breakfast Dish, Eng. Brass Letter Holder, Brass Bed Warmer, 19th C. Pickle Castor, Sil. Plate Large Eagle Topped Ink Stand, Art Nouveau Bronze Chalice, 19th C. Copper, Turkish Jeweled Incense Burner, Copper Nude Plaque, Epergne w/ Amberina Insert, more. Clocks: Petite Fancy Carriage Clock, Lg. Carriage Clock w/ compass & Leather Case, French Wall Hang 8 Day Clock, 3 pc. French Clock Set with Hand Painted Porcelain inserts, Louis XVI Onyx Lyre Clock, US Naval Academy Grandfather Clock…….more. Porcelains & Pottery: 120 Pc. Meissen "Décor" Dinnerware, Rare Staffordshire, Eng. Indian Tree Flow Blue Cake Set, Many Dresden Figures and baskets, German Piano Baby, Meissen Cups & Saucers, Large Lladro "Faraway Thoughts" Figure, Wedgwood "Gloria", Lladro "Brides Maid", R. Doulton "Rose", Roseville, Satsuma, Sunderland, Mason’s Jug, Royal Bonn, Staddfordshire Spaiels & Spill Vase. Glass: Pair of Crystal Ship’s Candle Lustres, Pr. Crystal Double Arm Candelabra, Pr. Overlay Lustres, Pr. 19th C. Crystal Liquor Decanters, Pr. Nailsea Vases, 9 Pcs. Fine Swarovski Figures, Silver Overlay Trumpet Vase, Victorian Ruby Glass GWTW Lamp., Cut Crystal Table Items, More. Fine Art: Water Colors By Herb Jones, JAS Monk, James Waite, A. Giallina, Harold Etter, W.S.Hunt Pastes, Oil/Canvas by Bonet, Hugo Fisher, Sign Lithos by Harrison Rucker, Donald Demers, H. Jones, 1925 L. Icart "L’Averse", Engravings, Folios of John Gould, Thos. Shotter, A. Wyeth, Henry Maidment. Estate Jewelry Cartier 18K Gold & Dia. Ring, Diamond/Sapphire Necklace, Lg Opal & Diamond Ring, Cabachon Ruby Ring, Amethyst & Dia Cocktail Ring, 14 KT Ladies Pocket watch, More Special & Rare: Four Fabulous16th C. Blaeu Maps, 19th C. Chinese Totally Carved Ivory Box, Tall Case Clock with Naval Academy Crest on Pendulum, Boulle Expandable Book Rack, 18th C. Bronze Posnet Skillet, 1784 Sampler, $10 Gold Coin, Cloth Fragment From 1st Aircraft to Circumvent the World, Solid Amber & Turquoise Carved Figures (Rare & Documented), Jade Lamp, Carved Dolphin Motif Casket w/ Mouse Finials, Collection of 19th C. & Vintage Perfumes incl Tiffany Lay Down, Waterford, English, Double Vial, Several Victorian & French Beaded Hand Bags, Cigarstore Indian, Boulle Book Rack. 20’s Beaded Dress. Firearms Collection of Extraordinary Merkel, Dilling/Keilkoff, Remington, Browning Shotgus & Rifles, Beretta & Colt Pistols September 25th Auction Mahogany Maddux Secretary, Curved Front Inlaid China Cabinet, Rosewood Credenza, Oak Glass Case Curio, 9 Piece Gothic Dining Room Set, Mahogany Drop Leaf Table, Vintage White Wicker Furniture, Governor Winthrop Desk, Berkey & Gay Dresser with Mirror, Golden Oak Dresser and Desk, Empire Petticoat Table with Mirror, Mahogany Empire Dresser, Marble Top Coffee Table, Walnut Executive Desk, 2 Mission Upholstered Chairs, Dome Top and Flat Top Trunks, Ball & Claw Table, 17th Century Oak Chair, Pair of Carved Victorian Chairs, Counter Balance Pharmaceutical Scales, Vintage Sterling Flatware (Many Patterns), Set of 6 Lyre Back Chairs, Primitive Corner Cabinet with 8 Pane Doors, Chifferobe with Bakelite Pulls, Howard Miller Wall Clock, Pink Depression Glass, Heisey, Set of Miss America Glassware, Oriental Bowls and Garden Seats, Signed Batiks, Vintage Costume Jewelry Collection, 6 Panel Oriental Screen, Original Oil Paintings, Hand Loomed Iranian Rugs, Oriental Prints, FOR THE GUYS: C&O Railroad Memorabilia, Lionel and HO Scale Trains & Locomotives. Railroad, Virginia Peninsula & Civil War Books, Prints, & Ephemera, Coins, Terms: 13% Buyer’s Premium, 3% Discount, Cash or Check, Day of Auction. Gail F. Wolpin VAAR #1597 Catalogues $5.00 Seating 1st Come 1st Serve PHOEBUS AUCTION GALLERY 18 E. MELLEN ST., HAMPTON, VA. 23663 (757)722-9210