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68: Edward H. Potthast, "Summer" oil painting on
223: Chinese enamel over silver fan64: Paul Sample, "Circus Yard" oil painting on canvas.
Dallas, TX, United States
DoneWed, Jun 6, 2012 11:00 PM UTC

Antiques, Fine Art, & Asian Antiques

Paintings by Charles Partridge Adams, Paul Sample, Edward Potthast, Carl Redin, Johannes Weiland, Antoine Balnchard, Eric Pape, Dean Cornwell, William A.Slaughter, Morris Rippel, Sheldon Parsons, Brian Grimm, Bill Owen, Kent R. Wallis, Dan Bodelson, Robert Pummill, William Acheff, G. Harvey, Colette Heldner, Tom Dorr, Gordon Snidow, Gene Kloss, and others; Native American pieces including Acoma pottery, Nazca cotton and feathered panel, Nazca woven cotton tunic, collection of Chinese antiques including a late Ming carved rhino horn libation cup, porcelains, carved jade, a pair of large huanghuali cabinets, several large screens, scrolls, jewelry, and bronzes.